Minutes:10 JUN 2020 Members Meeting Agenda

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  • Reportbacks from Active Systems & Working Groups - 5m
  • Finances/rent/lease renegotiation - 10m
  • Online classes/call to do more - 10m
  • Reopening the shop - 5m
  • Tech items:
    • Election process improvement - 1m
    • Matrix server - 5m
    • New website - 5m
    • Wiki migration planning - 1m
  • Volunteering logistics - 10m
  • Volunteering Projects - 5m
  • Announcements/new business - 5m

Things that are ideas

  • Rent/finances? How to survive!
  • Online classes
    • Mike's class got us donations! Thanks, Mike!
    • Need to post June's schedule
    • Critical to do these since we have no other income at the moment, besides dues.
  • Reopening the shop
    • Joe has a system up and running, mostly working. Has a HEPA air filter to donate to the space to keep air clean and circulating. In-person classes are.
  • Tech projects
    • Matrix
      • Pretty much set up, has a few things left to do, like chatbot, etc.
    • Website
      • Issues are in the queue for improvements on GitHub.
  • Volunteering
    • Need to get things running again, see if anyone would like to teach a class during the downtime
    • Start contacting volunteer/reduced rate folks by mid-next-week.
  • No new business


  • Governance - Discussion started on mailing list about voting ideas. Nate will pick it up soon.


  • Rent renegotiation

Action Items

  • Thing that needs to be done
    • People/Workgroups responsible
    • Deadline/Estimate
  • Start email thread on volunteering - Joe
  • Friendly email/reach out to others in the building - Mike (PENDING)
  • Find sponsorship tiers document for Mike and David - Nate, by Thursday (DONE)
  • Ask Oxford about rate table for proposed lease amendment - Nate, by Thursday (DONE)
  • Evaluate voting options on election process improvement thread - Nate, by end of this week
  • Voting system thread started on mailing list - Nate, by the end of the night!tomorrow night! (DONE)
  • Set up Board accounts for new Directors - Nate, by the end of the week! (DONE)
  • Draft procedures for safely reopening -Joe (DONE)