Minutes:10 May 2017 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: Alex White, Brian Morse, Henry Marshall, Sarah Lynn, Nate Yost, Tyler Worman, Larry Works
  • Meeting starts at: 19:22
  • Meeting ends at: 22:10

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Tyler said that no mail will be forwarded from the old address (525 E. Liberty) past June 8th. You should use 255 E Liberty, Suite 225

Atomic Object contacted us about donating some chairs. We have offered to take the chairs from the space, but haven't heard back. Brian will follow up with them.

Minutes Approval

  • Feb 2017 Board Minutes: Approved
  • Mar 2017 Board Minutes: Approved
  • Apr 2017 Board Minutes: Approved

Governance - Collective Ownership

Sarah, is your AHA email working? Yes. Nate got the message, possibly not a "reply all"

Is everyone clear on new responsibilities?

  • Nate Yost - Fundraising
  • Alex White - Finances
  • Sarah Lynn - Advertising/Outreach
  • Henry Marshall - Education/Internal Events
  • Brian Morse - Operations

What should be the procedure when people can't make it to a board meeting? Hangouts or Skype is preferred. Filling out a stub ahead of time in the meeting notes is important if you can't be there at all.

Henry Marshall added the new board to the Board page, but didn't know the date of the next election. Has it been determined? If so, what is it? Last Thursday of October. Henry will update the wiki to reflect this.

The last board had a resignation part way through the term which led to certain responsibilities being unaddressed. Is there a mechanism to prevent this problem in the future? Nate explains that the board can vote someone in or call for special elections. If no one steps up, we don't have any contingencies. Being in contact with active members can make it easier to delegate, and is more effective than an email blast.

Have keys for the new board members been cut and/or transferred? Greg still has has. Tyler will make new sets at Stadium Hardware tomorrow.

Nate volunteered to add a contact directory to the website.

Nate was pleased by the turnout for elections. We all agree we should hold more social events.

Education/Events - Henry Marshall

Rhino badges arrived. Do we have all the necessary components? Larry is going to order the remaining components from DigiKey. He will also be creating a non-profit account with them.

Mini maker faire

Nate has not submitted the form to the Library. Jacob is interested in running an eggbot class. Nate encouraged Jacob to submit a form for that. Dale Grover, a funder of the mini-maker faire, is encouraging us to have a table at the event on June 3rd. He will bring all the soldering equipment, so we need to have the staff and badges. Nate will be emailing him to verify we will be doing it this year. We need more volunteers in order to operate it safely, at least 1 per 2 soldering stations (minimum 5). Nate had a difficult time managing the crowd last year. In the past we received funding from A2 geeks, but we may not this year. We'll put out a donation box to pay for the badges. Sarah volunteered to make a cool donation box in the spirit of i3's (perhaps something that lights up when you put in money). Sarah sent a design to the board.

Maker Faire

We won't be running a booth unless someone has a project they want to spearhead. In the past, this hasn't had high returns in terms of membership.

Larry will get in touch with his CPA friend Ken Shana about [paying teachers] post-tax-season. Still open

> Nate said he would get back to Katie from Brain Monkeys with all details of class. Henry Marshall will take this over after an introduction from Nate.

Dan Romanchek wants to teach a class on electronics. Tyler still wants to do a class and has volunteered to use the vacuum tubes. Tyler will send his contact information to Henry Marshall, who will reach out to him.

> [Nate was to] send Larry details on class rental fees. Tyler sent the fee schedule out and added a contact field to events on the website to rent the room.

Classes Taught in the last month:

  • Laser
  • 3d Printing
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • CNC
  • Eggbot

We discussed whether classes should be all paid in advance to encourage attendance. This will be addressed in the future once classes are going more smoothly.

> Stadium is interested in possibly hosting classes on how to fix your house stuff. Contractors are often so busy they cannot run a class. How to fix a toilet and add an outlet. Larry will teach a basic hand tools class. This may not happen until it gets cooler in winter or fall.

Henry will contact Brian about running a basic electrics and safety workshop.

Nate is interested in creating a master list for classes. Henry will send out a message to all teachers

Schedule for core classes:

  • 3D Printer
  • CNC
  • Laser Cutter
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Basic shop skills
  • Soldering

> After [first robotics competitions] are done, we'll extend invitations... Are competitions done? Has that been done? Product owner?

Unix time stamp celebration Demure and Henry are interested in building a physical clock. Larry might be able to build a nixie clock for the last 10 hours.

Larry suggested we have a series of classes that use many different machines. For example we could make a solder paste templates on the laser, to the pick and place, to soldering.

Finances/Membership - Alex White

Money earned from Penguicon badge sales $1159 (by best recollection) plus paypal sales. Nate needs to give the cash (or a check) to Alex. This money will go towards making more badges and selling that at other conventions. We have been told by a lot of people that the badges would be popular at a bunch of other cons. Getting the pick and place and SMD LEDs will make production much easier. The next iteration of the board will have an 8x8 grid. This may be difficult to power. The BOM for the old badges was $15 and they were sold for $40 a piece -- the new ones should be cheaper.

> Larry will check [status of tax free account at Stadium Hardware] The non-profit account is operational. It should display as "makerspace" not "marketplace" when used.

> Paypal is actually a little cheaper than Rerun... How much cheaper? Are we moving to Paypal? What is the status of this? We pay 2.2% + $0.30 for Paypal and 2.9% + $0.30 with Visa or $1.50 with ACH Henry and BYB are the only Rerun users, and we'll be leaving them as they are.

Membership changes for this month:

  • Standard: 23 (+1)
  • Reduced: 14 (-1)
  • Volunteers: 3 (+2)
  • Co-working: 2
  • Spark: 1

Can the above form be amended to include absolute numbers as well as the changes from last month.

Membership figures for the last two months were never recorded, what are they? March

  • Standard:
  • Reduced:
  • Volunteers:
  • Co-working:
  • Spark:


  • Standard: 22
  • Reduced: 15
  • Volunteers: 1
  • Co-working: 2
  • Spark: 1

Many outstanding payments were recovered during the board elections. How much was collected? Is this reflected in the above numbers? We had three new/restored members. It is in the above numbers.

Has a receipt and thank you letter been sent to Thomas Bowes? He was considering a second donation, and I want him to have a positive first experience. Yes. He hasn't responded since receiving the receipt.

> Alex was going to get back to Donnie about Square Cash. Alex is waiting for response from Donnie. Still waiting. And still waiting.

We made: Expenses: $1953 (rent) + $70 (att) + $40 (electric) + ~$30 (insurance) In Bank: $2967 + cash from box & penguicon Emergency fund (in months):


Ask board for purchase approval. Submit to Alex, and request refund. We are retroactively approving Sarah's purchase of Penguicon badges. She will submit receipts to Alex.

Board members should make a donation to the group. Alex will email these out, and we will bring them to the next meeting.

> Alex will [call DTE regarding meter numbers] by next week. Sent another email with the meter numbers. Our bills have gone up (~$30 to ~$45). Still needs to call to verify. Tyler says the breakdown by meter number can been seen on the bill. Alex will call to set up auto pay in the next month.

Fundraising - Nate Yost

Nate needs to get in touch with Greg. Nate expects Grep to continue handling the NIH grant, as that would also be used by BYB. Nate will to reach Greg for status updates in the next week.

Dan of the Rotary may be a potential grant giver. The Jaycees reached out to us in the past, and we may be able to partner in the future.

Larry wanted to know if we had a formal wishlist. Henry volunteered to create a page on the wiki.

Are there any upcoming events we want to sell stuff at? Nate will ask Dale about having a donation bin at Mini Maker Faire. Our next project is to start prototyping the next generation of badges.

Larry suggested we establish a target. Nate thought that $10k be the end of the term would be a good target.

Marketing/Outreach - Sarah Lynn

Wants to do t-shirts. Sarah will contact Dana re: screen printing. She wants to put together a box and a "street team". Volunteers could sign up members and receive awards for referrals -- t-shirts, free memberships, laser time etc. She will be looking into buying t-shirts in a variety of sizes. She will add those to the aforementioned wishlist.

Sarah wants to find someone to do work in grafitti alley. Larry knows someone who might be interested in working on it.

Sarah has interest in doing sidewalk chalk leading up to our doors.

Sarah will take over the facebook group *and* the page from Nate. She would like to raise money to pay for ads on facebook.

Google Adwords

  • Alex sent out the credentials for Google adwords.
  • Nate will give Samson's contact information to Nate.
  • Is there a place where we can log ideas for adwords? Perhaps a wiki page?

There is a spreadsheet shared with the board. Nate will be sharing the files on the google drive for all board members.

Marketing Email Updates

Contents of May email blast? Date it can be published? Nate worked with Florencia E., BYB's (possibly former) marketing person. She used to put together an email blast through mail chimp, but hasn't recently. Nate will ask Greg about her current status. Sarah may assist or take it over. Henry shall send out a blast to the meetup group for people who want to join the mailing list after this has been done.

>Greg suggested Maker profiles (Example Mike Grube) for our teachers in the news letter. Postpone until the above is clarified.

> YpsiAlloy is another group Larry met some members from, want to start a foundry in Ypsi. He will be in contact? Larry will contact them in the next month.

> Mark Maynard is contact [for Art coworking in Ypsi]. Larry is the person [contacting them]. Larry will be visiting their space next time he's in Ypsi. We may collaborate at some point in the future.

Operations/Volunteers - Brian Morse

We discussed using the area by the lockers for BYB interns.

We need to establish who has what locker. Brian will send out an email, and put up signs to identify their lockers. We will use a spreadsheet and labels to keep track of what is used.

When can there be a training for Volunteers/Board to make ID cards? Who can teach it? - Today before board meeting. Tyler took ~10 minutes to teach. Ideally it's just for board members since the operations person needs to be the verify they have met all requirements before granting 24/7 access.

> Tyler is working on [a document on how to close the shop] and hopes to have it posted during the week of 4/17. This is done. Tested initial draft and found issues. Reprinted and will be posted evening of 5/10/17. Tyler communicated to Pritpaul that he had a draft and after testing and posting would communicate to him that it is done.

Tyler suggested we have a single POC for the building Manager? Who will it be? Do they have the necessary information? Tyler will contact the manager and make the necessary transition so Brian receives all future communication.

Sarah asked about the status of adding a water filler to the space. Brian will research what needs to be done.

Jacob knows Michael from an organization interested in volunteering with AHA. Henry Marshall has the contact info, but has not reached out. Henry will forward this information to Brian.

Changing Internet Provider We have a quote in the operations email account from 3 to 4 months ago. It is approximately $150 a month for setup. We need to cancel our AT&T, but our contract runs until August 1st. The faster internet will be important given the influx of interns and co-workers at the same time. The revenue from the new interns should cover the period when we would have two ISPs. If need be, Nate will contribute to keep it cover cost differences. Brian will contact the ISP.

Who is the admin for this wiki? Could we add markdown support with this extension? - Nate. The server needs to be upgraded before anything else can be done. This must be done at the same time as the website upgrade, so it must wait on the following.

The new website The design needs to finalized, so Tyler can finish the site. We need to establish what the new logo looks like (Sarah is thinking about changing colors). Henry and Tyler will work together on moving his scripts to metalsmith. Henry will take initiative on scheduling this.

Who is the administrator for the website? - Nate

Changing nest cameras to a local solution Will be attempting this in June.

Volunteer Hours

Track volunteer hours at AHA

Troy and Chris are volunteering primarily on Saturday, can Alex sign off on their work? Brian will contact Alex Hull about notifying us of any volunteer work done. We can then issue an official document

They wanted to have a consistent POC, any volunteers? Brian will email Troy and Chris and say he is their new primary POC.


Henry Marshall bought a replacement laser printer at Property Disposition and will place it on indefinite loan to the space. We need to buy ink, it should be ~$100, but we cannot confirm with certainty the printer will work. Henry will send the model number to Nate to buy toner.

> Going to investigate and figure out where we'd normally store [a rolling tool wall]. Larry got a rolling display setup that has pegboard on it, could be used for this? Larry wants to use the pegboard for moving signage.

> Tyler purchased cabinets for sewing/craft room... Eta is end of April. No help needed bringing them in. I'm resurfacing and painting them. If we really want them now, I can deliver them immediately but then will not complete the refinishing. You'd need to hang them as is. Not positive on ETA, weather has been too rainy/cold for drying to work well. Once it's a bit warmer again I can give a better ETA.

> Fire Safety - Breaker box behind laser cutter is continually blocked. We need to maintain access to this.

Electricals in Classroom Brian will try to make a lighting layout and estimate the costs of installation.

> Pick and place is ready to be wired up if people are interested. Brian and Henry have been working on it Thursday. Nate will pick a time in June to hold a build party.

Radioshack bins Greg will be restocking the space in part to provide for the interns.

Larry would like to have the new logo printed as stickers.

In progress

> NAS - Investigated problem with LDAP users not able to change passwords. Contacted Synology support and am working to resolve it with them. No fix yet in last 2 patches. They believe it is fixed. We are to backup, reinstall and restore. If this fails to restore we could lock everyone out. Because there is a limited number of users they could be manually entered. Tyler will schedule a meeting with Nate to do it sometime next week.

Done this month

Bill moved hist stuff to the classroom and is still sorting it. Does he need help with delivery? He will be moving things into a locker when sorting is done.

To Do


> Need to track down the SawZall. It appears to be missing along with the blades for it. Still missing

> Sewing machine - 1 in need of repair or getting tossed Should be tossed.

> Run backups on all machines to NAS. Haven't done in the past two months. Tyler will do it at the same time as LDAP

> Eliminate wireless from the current router and switch to logged Ubiquiti with 2 SSID for members and non-members. Tyler will do this in June

> Add second patch panel to rack, we have more than 24 lines with the new classroom and additional access points. Tyler bought it. Bill Putt offered to help run wiring.

> Swap switch for 48 port. Hasn't been purchased.


> Waiting on Zach with kitchen equipment and cabinets. Henry will speak to him when he is next in the space.

> Nate will get in touch with Jacob [regarding removing batteries from the annex]. Henry will reach out to him about scheduling a date. He can bring some over hear to work on the car.


  • Light switches
  • Run ethernet drops
  • Add electric on wall.
  • Clean floor
  • Mount new whiteboard
  • Purchase 2nd pack of whiteboard markers for here
  • Setup mold making equipment?? No
  • Mount projector.


> We need to get [the new logo] made on the vinyl cutter and installed. Delayed until new logo is designed.

  • What colors do we need?
  • Do we have the appropriate vinyl in stock?
  • Can we use BYB vinyl?
  • Will someone volunteer to do the cuts?

Henry will make the stickers for the walls.

> Nate will share [the logo files] with other members. We don't have the original files. Greg was going to get them but I believe has only sent a PDF to date.

Where can I find this? Do we have vector files? Does Sarah want to modify them?

> Nate wanted to mount a display [on the pole outside the space], how can we make this happen?

Storage policy

> Alex W. drafted a Storage / Clean Tabletop Policy Where is it? Is it still being finalized? Can it be printed and hung? It will be shared on the google drive. We need to establish a storage manager.

> Alex has printed out parking permits for existing projects Where are they? How are they delivered? Have old projects been granted them? Have their PO's been contacted?

> Working on Locker policy and amount to charge for long term storage. See above