Minutes:10 OCT 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

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Monthly Finance Update

  1. Khevna!


Upcoming Elections

  1. Is everything happening that needs to happen?
  2. What to do if not enough people run?
  3. Who else can we nominate / ask?

Thomas Hunter and his Awesome Mom

  1. Any progress on this?

John Spiher and his epic journey to promote AHA / Ops

Space roles and responsibilities

Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting attendees: Khevna, Corey, Dan, Dana, Mike G. Josh, John S., Mike S., Nate Y.

Meeting starts at 20:15

Finances: Need about ~$1500 extra per month to avoid going into debt in the coming months.

Possible ways to raise money: Dana's cousin knows a school that might want to take field trips to AHA. Avg. class size would be about 25-30. Possible ideas include using existing computers in cube, switching off groups with some other activity.

BOARD HOMEWORK: Dana will set up a meeting within the week.

Khevna inviting MI Hackers group to the space Monday or Tuesday.

John wants to investigate setting up a LoL tournament; start running tournaments regularly. Riot Games perhaps contributing to League tourney prizes?

Khevna wants to work on making a MAME cabinet to run old arcade games.

John wants to know what the plan is on the cube; boils down to "we need more money". John wants to explore the idea of working in more tournaments with whatever design we ultimately use (i.e. can't see others' screen, enough stations to host a decent-sized tournies).

Maybe run a "build night" for gaming, where we have a lot of gamers come down, pay a possibly reduced rate, pizza provided.

Bright Futures income coming in in a few weeks.

Bright Futures crew looking for some more part-time help. Attendees asked to ask acquaintances about joining up if they have time.

501c3: Get this done already! For the love of Pete! BOARD HOMEWORK: 501c3 meeting on Friday at 3:00. FOR REALS.

Elections: Dana will send out a reminder email soon about nominations

Dana will also set up aha.com blog web pages for nominees.

Student Groups: Khevna would like to meet with MI Hackers to see if there are any possible partnerships there.

Khevna will ask MI Hackers to meet up with AHA folks next Build Night.

Interface with UM Bioengineering group to see if there's any partnerships there?

Marketing Stuff with John:

Wants to help out with promotions and marketing AHA/Ops.

Possibly working with Vanya to make pamphlets/flyers, etc..

Wants to have space events listed far in advance.

Using social media more actively!

Add more of the big gear we have to the blog/wiki.

Add central collection of pictures/videos, John would like to collect some of these to do more advertising.

John has connections with a pro photographer to help document stuff happening at the space assuming we have 3-4 weeks lead time to invite him.

Wants to work with various other "geeky" groups in town.

Google AdWords for AHA?

Roles and Responsibilities:

~20 members getting membership for work.

Several new members on board helping out: Jessica, James, George, and John.

Josh wants to update roles and responsibilities document more regularly, and communicate with the volunteers on a weekly basis to determine what needs to get done, how we can help get it done, why things aren't getting done, etc.

Josh will start asking for keys back from members who are not in good standing with very polite emails.

Space Organization issues:

Move front desk to where concession fridge is? Move Dogfort door closer to the rapid prototyping room so that people don't have to walk through the hallway to get to it. Make sure work benches are always free of clutter to encourage use.

Make sure we document clearly what things can get done on First Sundays

Make a cork "bounty board" of top stuff that needs doing around the space. Offer high-fives or other nice recognition for those who complete them.

Meeting adjourned at 21:36.