Minutes:10 Sept 2014 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Meeting attendees: Zach, Nate Y.
  • Meeting starts at: 19:12
  • Meeting ends at:

(15 min) Open For All!

  • No guests!

(15 min) Financial - Zach S./Emilio T.

  • Moving away from quickbooks since it isn't getting done regularly -- some kind of spreadsheet to take its place. Nate Y. suggests any spare budget should go toward hiring a professional accountant to keep books in line. Shoddy books + IRS audit = we're screwed.
  • Money-wise, we're good through October due to some last-minute donations. If we hit our fundraising goal for the Open House, we will be stable short-term; but we need to start working on the long-term strategy (more sponsors, more members).

(15 min) Fundraising - Larry

See Larry's update at the bottom.

(30 min) New Goals - Create the next 6 Months Goals - Board

Have an awesome Open House!

(15 min) Upcoming Business

Open House

Since not many people here, we decided to primarily work on the open house items.

Things we need:

  • Minor paint work, rearrangement of the space? Make Thursday night a Space Spruceup night?
  • Food (Nate will fund it)
  • Contact folks/businesses for fundraising (Zach)
  • Publicity/fliers/set up demos, blast the event out to all our channels (Ken, Zach, Nate will have flier done tonight)
    • Demos to do during the OH!:
    • 3d printing - Ask Tyler W. and Nick R.
    • Laser cutter - Ask Josh W.
    • Oculus Rift/3D Scanning - Nate Y.
    • Shapeoko/Fireball(?) - Zach S.
    • RGB LED stuff - Ask Donnie, Keane?
  • Spiel about what the space is, words to use to nudge toward membership/donations (Nate)
  • Music/DJing (Nate?)

Larry's notes

Sorry folks: Just didn't have time with this #$%^& fire to get our Agenda act together.

Here's what I hope happens. Build on the GSD from Monday and also get these things done. I believe you can do it if you want to. Love you guys.

a) Household memberships - Nate Y., finalize and present this to members so we can offer it at the Open House. As far as I can tell there's no reason not to release it for feedback and then implement it ASAP. If you've got a reason not to do it, let's hear it. FYI - There are a couple households ready to sign up just as soon as they can.

b) Membership review - Jamie updated it recently but I didn't have time to collate a summary. Sorry about that.

c) Review and modify new sign design tonight and let's get it up. I made a great deal, so I'll cover the cost (with NO expectation of reimbursement). I DO NOT agree with Bill's "Coat of Arms Idea". I do not agree with what he sees when he looks at the Rhino's rear end. I like the fact that adults easily spot the key and kids see something more playful. Color? A definite maybe. You decide. Lastly, I would probably be more receptive to Bill's feedback IF a) he handled space change better AND b) he added a community login to the Blue computer to align with our community tool policy. Someone who knows Linux needs to help him do that.

d) Financial review. Things are looking up but let's take steps to hit that $1500 target to ensure we're good through the end of the year. Good call Zach. On the night of the Open House we should have a thermometer and a sort of town crier to let everyone know our progress toward that goal. I'd even dress up if necessary.

e) Staff Support - Dana, recommend a mandatory meeting be schedule ASAP and see how folks respond. Those who show up or say why they can't are reliable staff. Those who don't get to start over.

f) Sensitive something (not for other members eyes or ears): Dana can decide whether tonight is the place to talk about it.

Reading back through this list it sounds kinda pushy. Sorry for that tone. But I've been in action mode all day and definitely see the need for this Board to knock out a couple of old items and embrace some new ones to make our Open House the most fantastic event we ever held.

Larry W.