Minutes:11 AUG 2021 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1911

Meeting ends: 2112

Participants: Joe D., James K., Nate Y., Andrew C., Victor M., Brian J.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Membership - 5m - Joe
  • Financial - 5m - Joe
  • Fundraising/outreach
  • Operations
    • How to find volunteers
  • Old business


  • Announcements/new business:
    • Joe talks about Art Fair stuff. Overall a success in terms of meeting lots of people, not so much financially, but not a huge loss.
    • James talks about holding open hours, it's a bit of a struggle due to staffing those hours, but we have hosted several groups for tours so far. Would like to bring more members in to help (or work remotely from AHA, as long as you don't mind a distraction once or twice an hour), or figure out better times to run these so we can get more help. Need to update the website to reflect new open hours, but thinks we should wait a bit to see if anything stabilizes before doing so.
  • Membership:
    • Lost one member in June, gained one in July, also lost one volunteer last week.
    • We have extended memberships to all students from the AAPS hackathon.
  • Fundraising/outreach:
    • 3D printer/CNC controller upgrade fundraising updates/ideas
      • Fundraiser still open, got a few donations.
      • Ask folks who have previously said they would donate if they would consider matching
      • Do we start a donation matching drive? Should we set an aggressive deadline for that (i.e. end of August?)
      • Mailing list marketing: slick email to incentivize folks to donate - Veronica?
      • Social media marketing, including spreading the word to Maker Show & Tell since it has such good coverage?
      • Put out the word on Matrix about the fundraiser, maybe use end of August as the tentative fundraiser
    • Try to get better at announcing events further in advance (like 1 week or so at least).
    • Email templates for ease-of-sending.
    • Donation of the CNC router - James
      • Gently-used Shapeoko from Zach Z. coming in this weekend!
      • Nate will talk with Tim to see if we are still able to get the StepCraft going with the new controller.
  • Education:
    • Solar demo/gathering/class? - Nate will ping Mike about it
  • Operations:
    • Website updates - James
      • Website still says we're closed, so that needs an update. - Joe
      • Remove reservation
    • Internet upgrade - James
      • It's slow! Let's try something else since we haven't been able to fix what's going on. James would like to work on Comcast. Andrew also suggests 123net. SPARK is also running fiber to Ypsi -- maybe they could help?
    • Electrical upgrades - Andrew
      • Appointment with a contractor to take a look at switching some of the outlets in the classroom, add some un-switched outlets. The breaker is switch-rated so worst-case it will continue to work as a switch.

Old business updates

  • Communication - is it time to retire the members mailing list and replace it with an announcements list? - James
    • TL;DR - mailing list is kind of dead, only really used for one-way communication. Using Matrix more often for two-way communications. Retiring the mailing list would further consolidate the communications. Have member-only and general-use list? David warns against using mailchimp since they get kind of extorty after a non-zero number of users. Sendgrid might work, and we have just set up an account. -- James will poll the mailing list about to see if folks are interested in this idea.
    • Set up an announcement room (read-only) on Matrix also. -- Nate will set up (DONE)
    • Archive existing non-members' lists, send email addresses to James. - Nate

  • Operations
    • Membership tracking software
      • Membermatters successfully installed on our server, but has a decent amount of setup still required - Nate
    • Space utilization tracking - Nate will get this to Joe
    • Space cleanup items
      • Plotter: ink-jet plotter, *almost* ready to use. What should we do with this? - Andrew
      • Powerwheels car: What do we do with this? How can we reclaim that space for more useful stuff? Contact Jacob and figure this out. - Nate will reach out
      • Abandoned locker? Reach out to SPARK to see if the person is still working there? - James will reach out
      • Nixie Clocks and other heavy parts? Reach out to Larry to see what to do with it - Nate will reach out
      • UV Printer -- let's get people trained on this - Andrew, Nate, James, Joe -- holding off on this for now, until we have a more solid idea of what is going on with this.
      • Paint supplies? What do we do with them, should we store them safely in a fire-resistant enclosure? - Volunteer X
      • Mac Mini - Unlock the machine? It has a lock code on it. - Andrew will look at it and see if it can be made usable. (DONE)
      • Pick and Place machine -- can we find a better home for this? Taking up a lot of room; no plans to get it working for a long time. - Nate will reach out to i3 to see if they might be interested.
  • Outreach/fundraising
    • Fundraising for a utility sink? Needs more plumping and a pump to get it up to the drain line. Timeline is sometime further in the future, possibly after the 3d printer fundraiser. - James
    • Getting involved in other community events for the summer?
      • Artisan's Market
      • Outdoor meetups
      • Other in-person classes and events?
  • Finances
    • Add James and Joe to bank account - Nate will schedule
  • Reopening:
    • Cleaning - space improvement in September? - James
      • Tool library - Waiting for a champion
        • Joe is the champion, after Art Fair. - will take a look at a tool lending library package he found soon
    • Infrastructure
      • Networking equipment - Nate & James
      • Door/space access - Nate & James & Andrew
        • Mostly blocked by lack of membership tracking software
        • Can we just stand up a basic LDAP server for this? We know it works.
      • Non-guest wifi - just make it a pre-shared key for now. (DONE)