Minutes:11 DEC 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

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Meeting attendees: Josh W., Martin S., Larry W., Tyler W., Andrew S., Nate Y., Dana N.

Meeting starts at 19:10

Meeting ends at 21:00

(15 min) Open For All!

Alex H. is building a 3d printer. Suggests we combine forces after the holidays to build a nice 3d printer for the space.

BYB wants to move some casting activity back to AHA. Possibly to use the back room, if not for the stench. Greg wants to do this soon. Board is agreeable -- let's do some molding classes, too!

Dana tells us that on Sunday at 2PM, a LoL gamer group is doing a private event using 3-4 PCs.

(2 min) Something Delicious - Josh

(5 min) Financial Update - Andrew

Yearly membership got us a lot more money in the bank!

Also we cancelled AT&T and upped Comcast, still saving $50 a month.

We got more donations this month than normal.

Andrew is resigning, so we need to find a replacement. Thanks, Andrew!

Possible leads on people to take over, Martin and Josh will be checking those out.

(5 min) Facilities Update - Josh

Larry and Josh have been working with the property management to have more accountability and documentation on what is going on with the outstanding maintenance issues. We have a defined chain of communication established for further issues.

Still working on the (lack of) carpet issue in the stairwell.

Heating issue seems to be getting some traction.

We asked for the door and frame to be replaced by January, we are awaiting further word on it.

(10 min) Michigan Hardware Project - Nate

  • Financial -- we need to figure out the payments for the two teams, how much the membership level is at, class payments, etc.. Nate will work this out.
  • Membership -- Need to get them codes, key for door upstairs. Josh will do this.

(20 min) Delegation of The Core - Josh

How are things going with this?


  • Goal: Improve Membership (What does this mean?)
  • Lead: Larry

Todd, Jamie and Larry discussed how it currently works, are laying out the ideal process. Two main goals: fully electronic, easier documents for staff to have when getting members started. Still figuring out the overall goals/flow of membership. Larry wants to show a flowchart of membership at the next board meeting.


  • Goal: Make sure events (new and recurring) are found, promoted, and run in a timely fashion.
  • Lead: Martin
  • Helping, what specifically are they doing, and by when:
    • Josh:
    • Dana: doesn't have much time, but can do the calendar, listing events, syncing to social media and the like. Says she is not able to coordinate with those who are running the events/further promotion.
    • Martin: wants to do a survey for members to figure out where they hear of our events. Martin will be working with Dana and Josh offline to make this process better.

Find out what our current average attendance is per internal workshop. Increase to an average of 8 per workshop. Increase average number of internal workshops p/month to 12 Build nights don’t count : ) We have somewhere around 5 or 6 right now.


  • Goal: Make sure finances are kept up to date, supply monthly financial reports.
  • Lead: Andrew

What finances means? Have a working budget that is easily updated, understood, and accessible This budget should have a path towards Tool & Space Expansion. Work to improve the status of members and the frequency of updates.


  • Goal: Find, train, and maintain a balance of volunteer staff needs with the shop's needs.
  • Lead: Nate

Josh and Nate met last week about this, brainstormed some ways we can get staff more involved with actual projects at the space.

Landlord Management

  • Goal: Establish official communication channels with the landlord, communicate with them when general communication isn't working out, or when higher level (beyond basic maintenance / rent payments) communication is needed.
  • Lead: Larry

Space Management

  • Goal: Make sure the space is accessible, organized, and working.
  • Lead: Tyler

Tyler is working on getting all the tools in top shape, documenting how to use the tools.

Documentation Organization

  • Goal: Consolidate and organize our existing documentation structure. Document how it should be organized so others can maintain.
  • Lead: Josh (w/Khevna's help)

Josh has consolidated all the GDocs into one spot. Khevna has been organizing which documents should go where.

(5 min) UMSI Day of Service - Josh

  • Goal: Decide on a Project (or two) that UMSI Students can help AHA with
  • Lead: Josh W.
  • Contact: Maura Y.
  • Description: "Would [AHA] be interested in hosting volunteers again from the University of Michigan School of Information again for Service Day. Last year we sent a number of volunteers to All Hands Active, and we'd love to have the organization involved again. This year, we were hoping you would be interested in doing something similar this year. There's a very short video about last year's Service Day here.

    We're going to have UMSI Service Day on January 18, 2014. We'll have volunteers work from in the morning from 9 until 11:45, and from 1:15 until 4 in the afternoon. People do work from spackle and paint to database cleanup, and if you think of an appropriate project, it would probably work for that format. Projects can either run for the full day, or a half-day." - I (Josh W.) have requested a full day.

(5 min) Braille Project (Ranjani, Jim) - Josh

Jim has helped out extensively with the project, we think he should get some recognition!

Ranjani also donated/is awesome, needs thank-you card.

We need to have a better process for thanking people -- anything more than $50 should get a thank-you.

(5 min) Review Action Items!

  • Everyone 12/18/2013 - Will provide options for UMSI Volunteer Day in January
    • Dana: AHA Kids Propaganda, ie: Tri Fold Brochure, Poster (ie: 11x17 in hallway)
  • Josh 12/20/2013 - Will provide an update to the AHA group about state of facility issues (Heat, Carpet, Emergency Exit)
  • Josh 12/20/2013 - Will have two keys and codes ready for MHardware Group
  • Josh: Will make sure that our documents / file storage is consolidated and organized (in progress)
  • Larry: Will make sure everything involving memberships is documented and taken care of
  • Larry: Will update standing rules for Friday
  • Larry ?? - Will provide an update on state of membership process
  • Larry ?? - Will address Landlord should any egregious events arise
  • Martin ?? - Will communicate with Josh & Dana about events & improving the process
  • Martin ?? - Will pursue options for covering financial work AHA needs doing (Andrew has jumped ship)
  • Dana ?? - Will make sure Calendar, AHA Events Web Page, and Monthly Printed Poster up to date with events
  • Dana 01/01/2014 - Will work with Nate to have a rough draft of a plan of action on how to increase Staff involvement
  • Dana 01/14/2014 - Will work with Nate to have a the plan of action implemented with Staff
  • Tyler ?? - Will meet with Josh on Sunday to start reviewing what 'space management' means
  • Tyler: Ongoing: make sure everything involving space maintenance is documented and taken care of
  • Nate: Ongoing: Will continue to work with Staff to better coordinate their interests & availability
  • Nate: Will implement a policy page for borrowing tools
  • Nate: Ongoing: Will make sure everything involving staff is documented and taken care of
  • Zach: Is willing to pay to get more trifold brochures made

(5 min) Appreciations! - Josh