Minutes:11 DEC 2019 Board Meeting Agenda

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Meeting starts: 2030 Meeting ends: 2130

Board members (and other members) present: Nate, Laria, (James)

Not enough Directors for quorum, so this is an informal meeting:

Laria wants to start discussion on what can be done with the Nostrum room after they leave. Nate suggests posting on the mailing list to see what ideas people might have.

James would like to look into tracking volunteers' hours. Nate made a form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeZ3oy0RLg8utjbeyt7e3yBBra_6HtdREIU_qDsXlXFHHUybw/viewform . Goal is not to punish people for not doing enough work, but to make sure they aren't being left behind.

We are starting to evaluate membership (and perhaps later, general contact/CRM) software to ensure we are keeping our membership up to date. Here are some ideas: https://github.com/Admidio/admidio , https://github.com/tendenci/tendenci . Self-hosted is not a requirement, but something requiring minimal maintenance and ease of use abound (so it continues to be used by future Membership Officers, etc.) is a high priority.

Nate and Veronica went to the Tech Community social event at Arbormoon/Bløm Meadworks on the evening of 12/10. Nate reports: We gave out a few flyers on our fundraiser and info about corporate sponsorship. Arbormoon let us post our fundraiser flyer up at their space. Did some schmoozing, a good time was had.

Spent time (sitting on hold) trying to figure out if we are being defrauded via phone plan(s) that we didn't open. Situation is in the process of being resolved so we're not held liable for anything.