Minutes:11 Feb 2015 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Meeting attendees: Larry, Zach, Nate, Ken
  • Meeting starts at: 7:15
  • Meeting ends at: 8:10

(20 min) Open For All!

  • What is the per-minute costs for the new laser cutter?
    • Should it be tiered for members and non-members?
    • Current price: $2.50 / minute for non-members
    • Priced high for area makerspaces, ~$1 / minute for members might be more in line, depending on cost of running the machine
    • Larry will coordinate a meeting at an upcoming build night to discuss
  • Weird intermittent DNS resolution issues - consider having alternate DNS servers in router

Old Business

  • Action Item Status

Standing Committee Reports

(10 min) Financial - Zach S.

  • January 2015 P&L
  • Need access to Comcast and DTE to update CC
  • I have a copy of the lease! Zach will scan it and put it in Google Drive
  • Need to finish sales tax by end of Feb
  • Income tax filing due May, will start on that after sales tax
  • Membership Update (Larry W.)

(20 min) Governance - Ken

  • Jon would like to leave the board
  • Elections coming up in April

(10 min) Facilities - Nick

  • Working on the urinal!
  • Working on inventory

(10 min) Staff - Jon

  • Staff meeting coming up for retraining in the next 2 weeks

(10 min) Fundraising - Larry

(15 min) Outreach

New Business