Minutes:11 MAR 2020 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Reportbacks from Active Systems & Working Groups - 10m
    • current status, upcoming work, needs
    • Marketing - Nate Y. - nothing to report since last month
    • Financial - Mike Z. - Working on February financials, will have done soon.
    • Governance - James K. - Vote to include James on the Board. Elections coming up end of April.
  • Announcements

Things that are Actually Happening

  • COVID-19 and operations - 15m
    • How to handle events
      • Mostly hinges on what event organizer thinks, to a point. James feels that holding events that will have large numbers of people (15?) coming through would be irresponsible. Mitchell thinks we should make a policy we can refer to in the meantime.
      • Decisions on policies below
    • How to handle open hours
    • How to handle member access
  • Election - 15m
    • Three (four?) spots open for election: officially, this is Ndu, Adam, and we have one vacancy. Nate actually ran for a full-term this time; but happy to step aside if someone else wishes to run.
    • Nate will send out call for nominees

Things that are ideas


  • Drinking water supply? -- Nothing worked out yet. James will get Mike the number of a supplier, and Mike will set up deliveries
  • Penguicon (April 24-26 @ Westin Southfield)/AACME (May 17 12p-5p @ AADL Main Branch)
    • AACME badge design progressing - Nate
    • No soldering at Penguicon this year, but we are doing a Hackerspaces panel with some other hackerspace folks. - Nate
  • "James on the Board" vote - Laria (Nate, Adam, and Ndu have voted yes) -- hasn't changed.
  • Decide on "group membership" rates - James decided on rates ($100/per person)
  • Contact Oxford to discuss Annex - Did that, moving forward with possible rate reductions
  • Move stuff out of back room to give pipes access to Oxford - Ndu did it, except for the table. Haven't heard back, Nate will reach out.
  • Communicate with volunteers to see if they want to teach a class - Ndu -- No update
  • Improve classroom lighting - Mike bought some LEDs, but they aren't ideal. James will buy fixtures, and will install at Space Improvement Day.
  • Send out blurb on Naloxone - Nate - Done
  • Run the inaugural stand-up meeting - Mike/Mitchell - did it. Went well, going to continue.


  • COVID-19-related
    • Classes: We decided that we won't be hosting classes with a capacity exceeding 15 people. We'll reach out to event organizers to let them know they can always postpone their events regardless of planned attendance. We will put up some signage to inform better health practices/use the bleach spray. We will discourage folks from coming to AHA if they are sick.
    • Open hours: We're not going to outright cancel these, but will check in with volunteer holding the hours to see if they are comfortable or not holding them; then we will update the website hours accordingly.
    • Member access: Not going to limit access. Make effort to put up a couple signs reminding people to wash hands, not lick things.

Action Items

  • Thing that needs to be done
    • People/Workgroups responsible
    • Deadline/Estimate
  • Get more keys made - James
  • Inform mailing list about new COVID-19 policies - James, Mitchell
  • Get water delivery set up - James will get Mike supplier info, Mike will get payments going
  • Inquire about formerly-Nostrum room overhead pipe - Nate will contact Oxford
  • Send out picture/instructions to member list about bleach sprays - Nate
  • Send out call for nominees for April's Board elections (which are tentatively scheduled for 4/30) - Nate