Minutes:11 MAY 2022 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1913

Meeting ends: 2100

Participants: Nate Y., Brian J., Joe D., James K., David G., Victor M., Andrew C.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Membership
  • Outreach
  • Education
  • Old business


  • Announcements/new business:
    • Coffee House Coders at AHA in July
  • Operations:
    • COVID-19 policy revisited
      • We agreed to revisit this policy again after a month. Any changes needed?
        • We'll change the verbiage a bit to better-convey masks are optional, but you should feel welcome to wear one. James will ping Jeremy about this for Saturday.
        • Remove capacity limits/signs
    • Election updates - Nate
      • Update bylaws and standing rules links to point to the new versions - Who wants to do this???
      • Conflict of interest forms -- we should get back in the habit of doing these - Nate
      • On-boarding needs for Brian (separate meeting?) - this will be done on Matrix
    • Tool library updates - Joe
      • What things do we need to do to help this thrive?
        • Signage for folks in space, i.e. QR code going to the main page of the library
        • Link this also on the website
        • Adwords - take this over to Taproot - Joe & James
    • Long-term planning wiki article - James
    • New equipment donations
      • Testing donated equipment
      • Add to tool library as we go
      • Have another space organization day, invite Cindy!
        • Make this a regular event - last Sundays of the month - James
  • Membership:
    • Updates one reduced membership converting to a full-time member, one standard member ended their membership
    • Membership drive/new rates - James, in time for May meeting, to go into effect sometime in June. Will send emails about it prior to the May meeting.
  • Outreach:
    • Promotional stickers - David
      • Worked with Jeremy to get an appropriate-quality image out to the manufacturer
      • Ordered the 3" circles with the 15% discount
    • Maker Show & Tell survey - David
      • Nate will bug David near the end of the month
    • Timeline for new email blast?
      • Joe plans on continuing to do this monthly
      • Still need to import the emails from our various mailing lists - James and Nate, 5/21
    • A2Zero Week event(s) - Nate
    • Ann Arbor Art Fair (7/21-7/23) - Nate
      • Planning meeting held, identified action items for members to give input on
        • Please give feedback on activities, decoration in #Art Fair Planning
        • Nate will source a fire-rated (NFPA 701) 6'x6' tent with zip-down panels to secure against bad weather
    • Start monthly social events? - Nate
      • First two Makers' Salons scheduled. Need to figure out refreshments and sign-up process.
      • Maker meetup for regional makerspaces - ideas to drive this forward?
      • Nation of Makers - Sustainability and fundraiser roundtable every other Wednesday. Did anyone attend one of these?
  • Education:
    • Start advertising training classes again
      • 3D printer class scheduled
        • Nate put the basic outline of the class in the description, but still needs to develop the actual curriculum, test machines, slicer, come up with a proficiency evaluation, etc.
        • Can we set up a time to do a "dry-run" with existing members? Unlikely to get on the schedule.
    • Updates on classes: Joe on laser, James on CNC, Andrew on the Roland CNC.
      • James is making some progress on re-learning the issues with the Shapeoko. Would like to push the class out a bit further to accommodate. Would like to base the training off of Nate's 3D printing.

Old Business:

  • Operations:
    • Nate will sit down with volunteers to expand/freshen job board - Nate still will plan to do this ASAP.
    • "Tool library-only" membership tier?
    • Post about it on Reddit, nextdoor
    • Coordinate with AADL since they already offer tools
  • Financial:
  • Membership:
  • Outreach:
  • Education: