Minutes:12 Jul 2017 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: Brian, Nate, Alex, Henry, Demure, Kim
  • Meeting starts at: 19:06
  • Meeting ends at:

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Minutes Approval

  • Jun 2017 Board Minutes: Approved

Governance - Collective Ownership

- Sarah still needs her keys to the space as well as to the cabinet.

- Nate volunteered to add a contact directory to the website. Nate will add this in the next couple weeks.

Education/Events - Henry Marshall

We sponsored NHacks. Henry awarded membership to a team who created a sport signup web app.

Larry will get in touch with his CPA friend Ken Shana about [paying teachers] post-tax-season. Status Update:

Classes Taught in the last month:

  • 3D Printing
  • Arduino Basics
  • Laser Cutter

We are postponing a social event until after other issues are handled.

Demure wanted to know what "mysterious event" was coming later this month. TED is coming this month to record a video at the end of July. Greg will be sending out a blast.

Nate & Henry went to the Jaycees general meeting. We will run a private class for them on July 19th. Henry will put this on the Calendar and invite any volunteers.

Finances/Membership - Alex White

Have we received money for badges from the Mini Maker Faire? Valerie got in touch with Nate yesterday. She will drop off a check tomorrow in the donation box.

Alex will deposit all the following money tomorrow.

- The state of Michigan refunded us a $400 fine over sales tax.

- Greg and Alex have resolved the payment issue. He delivered a check. Alex took the check.

- What is the status of the Penguicon Cash? Nate will give Alex the money tonight. It will be earmarked for future badges.

Membership changes for this month:

  • Standard: +2
  • Reduced: -1
  • Volunteers: +1 -1
  • Co-working:
  • Spark:
  • BYB:

We made: Expenses: In Bank: $2965 + above money Emergency fund (in months): 2

- Zach Steindler is still paying our meetup membership. We should take this payment over. Henry will own this transition. He will get payment information from Alex

- Brian still needs an AHA credit card. When can he and Alex get together to make this purchase. Nate suggests we get a card named for "All Hands Active" rather than a person. Alex will look into this when visiting the bank tomorrow. He will email us any updates.

- Given that TD has moved, we may want to switch banks eventually.

Fundraising - Nate Yost

- Nate followed up with Google folks in mid June as they requested. Has not heard back.

- Nate has not had a chance to touch base with Greg recently.

- Rotary is interested in giving us a grant as part of a2-awesome.

Marketing/Outreach - Sarah Lynn

Henry will ask Sarah about filling out these minutes.

Followup re: street team: - Should we consider contacting the JayCees?

Followup re: silk screening with Dana

Larry, does your contact have interest in decorating graffiti alley? Larry's friends are back in town. They want guidelines and paint. They will specify the paints. We want to communicate our name and that we are a maker space.

Is Sarah interested in taking over the Facebook page? Anyone else?

Google Adwords

Have any been added?

Marketing Email Updates

Florencia has moved on from BYB and won't be making more email blasts. Will Sarah take this responsibility over?

> Larry followup re: YpsiAlloy (a group of artists) We might be open to giving walls to showcase their work. Larry will send them pictures. We want to keep everything family friendly. Larry will invite them to take a look at the space.

> Larry followup re: Mark Maynard for Art coworking in Ypsi. Have you visited? Still pending

Operations/Volunteers - Brian Morse

Alex will add people to the mailing list when people sign up as a new member. All new members should fill out the online form. Henry will email Alex about inputting existing members who never signed up online.

Storage policy

- There is an unclaimed locker we believe may have belonged to Erik. Nate and Brian will remove the lock.

- Efficacy of "Lost & Found" and "Fair Game" boxes Going smoothly. Kim volunteers to go through the bin for inventory. She will send emails when things will be gotten rid of the next week.

- After discussion, Brian wrote up a Parking Permit system. Feedback?

Demure suggests we have a field for contact information. We agree this is a good idea.

Demure worries that with the current wording, things in short supply (like oscilloscopes), could be kept in the space for a parking permit.

Larry suggests we have labeled areas by the electronics station for where stuff should live.

Nate & Henry think we should have reviews of the permits every month (at maximum). If you are continuing to work on it, we should be liberal in re-upping.

Este by way of Demure expressed concern over regaining space after a year. We don't think that will be too much of an issue given the size of the space.

We all agree equal enforcement is necessary.

Kim suggests we have this added to the new membership sign up (or description).

Brian will make final calls in the event of a dispute.

Henry thinks we should add location field to permits, the wording will be left to the member.

Moving any project without consent or board approval is to be considered vindictive behavior. Demure feels this isn't sufficiently clear in the rules.

Brian, Nate, and Alex likes having a simple form.

- How will we roll this out? Immediately

Clean Table & Trash

Demure thinks BYB interns should empty the trash because they often fill it.

Larry will bring in 2 open kitchen garbage cans.

Nate will create "taking out the garbage" instructions and attach them to all the bins.

We will identify common areas. Leaving projects there for "an extended period of time" will lead to talks and eventually disposal.


- Kim and Henry will schedule a sorting party for the electronics. Will & Maya have done so much great work this is no longer needed.

- Brian has moved to Saturday because our Saturday volunteer has dropped off. Demure and Adam will be taking over the Thursday night shift (Demure until Sept).


- Fire extinguishers are out of date. Larry says they can be recertified at Spears. Brian will take care of this.

- We are out of button making supplies. We need 2 1/4" shells. Nate will pick some up.

- How do we network the new printer? Nate will take a look.

- When can the new cabinets be installed? Henry will measure the cabinets. Brian will think about where they will live.

- Henry volunteered to move the acrylic to the shelving unit outside the craft room last month. He still needs to speak with Tinker about this.

- Larry donated a portable music stand. The member who needed more space was very appreciative.

- Working on the Pick & Place is more difficult when all the BYB interns are here. Henry's interest in a build party is increased. Can we pick a day? We are putting this on hold until at least August. We will move it into the coworking space when the cabinets are out.

- With Henry's approval, Bill moved Hypatia (not Heron as noted last week -- too many ancient thinkers!) to the back of the space to make it easier to use when the space is busy. Demure thinks that Hypatia could be improved with a reinstall. He will speak with Henry (the owner) about this.

- Does anyone want to own the snack program? If Brian has a credit card he will be the owner.

- Brian is planning on mounting the TV on a wall mount. He and Larry will work on it Sunday.

- Brian will re-contact the landlord about adding an electric lock to the outside door.

In progress

- Tyler was possibly going to work on the LDAP June 25th. Has this happened? Wound up cleaning instead. Nate will try and schedule sometime soon.

To Do


- Has there been a backups on all machines to NAS?

- [Has Bill Putt wired the] second patch panel to rack.

- [Has the] Swap switch for 48 port installed (it has been bought)?

- Tyler has boxes, conduit, caps, wall hangers, and cables to expand the network, but needs help. Any volunteers? This should be shared with the larger membership.



  • Mount projector.


> Nate wanted to mount a display [on the pole outside the space], how can we make this happen? Raspberry Pi (we have one), monitor (Henry has one), monitor mount (Larry has one), HDMI to DVI cable. The door takes priority.


- New internet is working great! Is there an explanation of how the new wireless works posted anywhere? Are we killing the old network? Demure is having DNS issues. He will contact Tyler. The old wifi will be killed eventually. Demure will make a wiki page explaining how to sign in.

- Henry proposes we postpone the migration to local camera recording for an indeterminate amount of time. Nate will bring the local cameras home. Greg is buying 2 more nest cameras.