Minutes:12 MAR 2014 Board Meeting Agenda

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Meeting attendees: Nate Yost, Larry Works, Dana Nelson, Tyler Worman, Martin Sager, Adam Funk, Josh Williams

Meeting starts at: 19:12

Meeting ends at:

(15 min) Open For All!

  • A woman from the UM Computer Science Club called and is interested in getting their club involved in the community. Wants to check out the space. She has our contact info.
  • Dana: Kits for Newbs!
    • EMG SpikerShield (works with Arduino)
    • EMG Spikerbox (Free via Dana Hookup!)
    • Makey Makey
    • Button Maker T150 w/supplies to make ~100+ Buttons (Arriving next week)
      • ButtonGuy.net = Instructions!
      • Thinking: Suggested Donation of ~$5 p/3 Buttons
    • Still have Fabric stuff, need to make kits
    • Screen Printing Stuff!
      • Need bigger sink setup!
      • Until then, screens have to be made at Dana's House
    • What next: Poster/Banner for promoting the kits (at AHA, at events, etc.)
    • Nate: Making sure money gets spent towards kits/promotion of kits
    • Josh/Dana meeting next week to promote access to kits, info, etc.
  • PenguiCon, to make buttons!

(5 min) Financial Update - Josh

February is an improvement in just about every area over January, some of that is a result of late membership dues being paid. 
Class/Workshop income is up and Board Donations helps a ton. The latter will show more so in next month's report.
Creating a simple projection based on the past 2 - 6 months of income and expenses, we will go broke sometime between July & August
 - http://goo.gl/gjFpQg 
 - This is a more realistic projection than last month's update
 - We lose approximately $375 p/month.

See attached February, along with January/February Comparison P&L Files for details.

Account Balances as of 3/12/2014
Total Cash: $3339 (TCF, Paypal, Cash on Hand)

Owed/Reserved: $1527
$800 - Temp cash infusion from Larry for 501c3 Filing.
$233 - Reserved for Awesome Foundation / AHA Kits)
$494 -  Uncashed iQguys checks (Provided to last week, they are out of town)
Net Cash: $1812 (Total Cash - Owed/Reserved)

Back Membership Dues Owed:
$0 - $500 depending on how we deal with it. See "Contact" section of members. Some of these members:
 - May have paid but was not properly recorded
 - No longer come to AHA, but we have not collected keys.
 - Come to AHA once ever couple months
 - Come to AHA Regularly
  • Martin: How do you pitch raising money for the space?
    • Membership is an extremely hard sell given the number of open hours
    • Post finances more publicly
    • More Member only events
    • Selling it from different points of view:
      • Getting Membership = 24/7 Access
      • Donating to promote a community workshop
      • Sponsors and/or Members
        • Can we write up some "Become a sponsor" email?
    • Review events we are going to for
      • Likelihood to get members
      • Likelihood to get people excited (ie: if it's stressful and it doesn't get members, why do it? vs. if it's AWESOME)
      • Likelihood to cost tons of money
    • Spreading the word to local places w/high concentrations of geeky ppl.
      • Adam suggests North Campus/Engineering.
  • Thoughts on moving non-paying members off the AHA Shop Members List?
    • Might make the paying members feel more special
    • Might remove valuable input from the list by removing alumni
    • Change the language so that you can only get access to the list by becoming a member
      • Doesn't mean we have to remove them once they end membership, we just don't advertise that.
  • Ways to make Members Feel Special?
    • Members get one free class a month
    • Offer a monthly perk (free class, free laser cut rhino when you come to the shop next month,
    • Monthly members only (and your dog/puppy) gatherings
      • Something about Naked Cleaning Hour.


(5 min) Facilities Update - Josh

Met with the new Facilities Director, went over general maintenance items listed here: http://goo.gl/uVQDr7

1) Emergency Exit/Bathroom Floor issues will be resolved when temperatures are consistently above freezing. The emergency door does properly open/close. 2) Stench: They are contacting Guardian for an update on what can further be done. We are keeping logs on the back BYB/Mold Room Door. 3) Damaged HVAC: Gerald took pictures, will provide an update in the next two weeks 4) Leaking from above ground: Gerald took pictures, will provide an update in the next two weeks. (This includes Salt Explosion + Occasional dripping by air pressure relief tubes) 5) Front Door Sticking: I didn't ask about this, Larry did you by chance talk with them about this when you were upstairs with them?

(10 min) Member Meeting: Goals!

  1. Get their names!
  2. Get Pictures + Post on Lockers
  3. Get Profiles updated on AHA Website?
  4. Determine the date for the next member meeting.
  5. Determine what's important to / for the space
    1. Tools
    2. Community
      1. Comradery
    3. Inspiration
    4. Knowledge
      1. From Others
    5. Relaxation
    6. Confident and Competent Staff
    7. Teaching
    8. Education
    9. Safe use of computers wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean...
    10. People who like to help others.
    11. Safe Respectable Atmosphere
    12. Variety
    13. Outreach

(10 min) Fundraising with Larry!

Fundraising report here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y1XF0HMeAgk8kpr-GapFY6GCcrY-4L2s5N4Y0JRRmjo/edit


Fourth Wednesday, March 26th. Show up!

Random Action Items

  • Josh or Larry: Talk to Greg about Polaroid.
  • Larry: Will write a "Become a Sponsor!" document
  • Josh: Remind Dana to Thank Roger. Because he's sexy.
  • Nate: Wants to get Roger to teach a class on Grow Lights
  • Can we send Detroit Labs a Love Note/Welcome?