Minutes:12 MAY 2021 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1915

Meeting ends: 2116

Participants: Joe D., David G., Andrew C., Brian J., James K., Nate Y.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Membership update - 5m - Joe
  • Financial update - 5m - Joe
  • Operations update
  • 5-year plan - 15m - Joe
  • Re-opening updates
  • Old business updates


  • Announcements/new business:
  • Membership update:
    • +2 member renewals!
  • Operations update
    • Interest in getting a new 3d printer (Prusa Mk3s kit - $750). Decided that we should try and fundraise this amount since there is a lot of interest. Would also like to mention at the show & tell. Nate would like to do a live-stream or class on the actual assembly of the machine once we got it.
    • Rebuilding Stepcraft CNC - Currently being looked at by Tim Saucer; Andrew would like to participate in this effort.
  • Hackathon (nhacks2021.org) - Nate will reach out. Non-profit discount? We don't really have a product or brand to offer, mentorship will potentially help out a lot.
  • 5-year mission/plan:
    • Joe would like to make a plan to make a plan!
    • Updates to bylaws/standing rules
    • Plan for growth -- how to get more people involved, meet their volunteer obligations (or scrap that if it will never work)
    • Hone a finer vision and purpose for the organization: how much does the AHA service members vs. the community, what is the "community" (i.e. includes Ypsi? Further out?), do we want diversity goals, etc.
    • James: getting the organization to reflect what's written as documentation -- day-to-day operations, bigger governance items. Review and revise bylaws and standing rules! Become less of a membership-run organization.
  • Re-opening updates
    • Cleaning
      • Tool library - Waiting a champion
      • Old electronics - James
        • Will Staples take all of the stuff? - Andrew
    • Review benchmarks for opening - Joe
      • Retiring reservation system
      • Social functions/how to run the space
    • Infrastructure
      • Networking equipment - Nate & James
      • Door/space access - Nate & James & Andrew
        • Mostly blocked by lack of membership tracking software
  • Old business updates
    • Membership tracking software - Nate