Minutes:12 NOV 2014 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Meeting attendees: Zach, Jon, Nick, Ken, Nate Y
  • Meeting starts at: 19:05
  • Meeting ends at: 20:05

(15 min) Open For All!

  • Bill found a power supply for the HP laptop, we can use it for the laser cutter in the back

Standing Committee Reports (Outlined in p. 3 of Standing Rules)

(15 min) Financial - Zach S.

  • Pretty much broke even for the month of October
  • Do we have any funds pledged from the open house we need to collect on?
  • Does Larry want to be a signer on the TCF account?

(30 min) Governance - Nate Y -> Ken

  • What does the governance position do?
    • Run elections
    • Check the allhandsactive@gmail.com email account
    • ... look for details in Google Docs

Facilities - Nick

  • What does facilities do?
    • Get keys to people
    • Maybe membership as well?
    • Machine maintenance

Staff - Jon

  • Wants to meet with staff to see how things are going, figure out responsibilities
  • Possibly answering questions from IRC, Facebook (group and page), GMail account...

(15 min) Fundraising - Larry

(20 min) Upcoming Business

  • Next GSD Sunday, Nov 23rd - 3 PM


Other Stuff

  • Vision exercise!
    • Ken - we should be surface-mount savvy
    • Ken - we should have the CNC machine up and running
    • Nick - pick-and-place machine!
    • Zach - I'd like to see us above ground
    • Nate - close collaboration with UMSI
    • Zach - I'd like to see $1k buffer
    • Zach - more regular classes for financial stability and meeting our non-profit mission
    • Jon - more outreach, more flyers, letting the community know we're are
    • Ken - post events on meetup.com, more social events
    • Nate - a social space, a "third place"
    • Zach - Geeks in the woods
    • Nate - DIY holidy party
    • Zach - Kickstart AHA in to a new space!

Action Items

  • Zach - investigate double-entry bookkeeping
  • Zach - get TCF check card set up, figure out if Larry wants to be added a signer
  • Nate - come up with a list of communication channels
  • Jon - contact staff, make sure all current staff is on the list
  • Nick - contact Larry, go over membership
  • Ken - work on Salesforce with Nate