Minutes:12 Oct 2016 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: Brian, Alex, Nick, Tyler, Corey, Greg (via phone!)
  • Meeting starts at: 19:10
  • Meeting ends at: 20:08

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

Follow up

Corey - Did you schedule a marketing meeting? ETA is the 20th @ 5:00. Marketing meeting didn't happen. Corey and Greg both missed it. We need to make more use of the downtown location.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Fish tanks - Nick asked for update, they will be back soon!

Corey reached out to Sarah about marketing, she hasn't gotten back to him.

Corey is organizing members to do recurring events. Potlucks and such.

Minutes Approval

  • September 2016 Board Minutes.

4 of 5 present, all present approve.

(90min) Standing Committee Reports

Education - Nick R.

Nick - KiCad and OnShape classes, these are shelved for now. Nick can follow up with us about running these in November. Will see if anyone wants to a practice.

3D printer class slides need to be updated. -- Alex W. will work to update slides for the Makerbot. Kosel parts are here, Alex needs to make a new bracket, Nick offered to help. 2 printers work. Replicator needs a bit more servicing.

Need to discuss paying teachers something for hosting classes. $15 if over 5 people show up? $30 if over 10? Checks are okay to pay people, everyone agrees we should do this. We need to work on prepay for classes. November meeting to overhaul website and make this better.


  • Advanced Learn-to-Solder (surface-mount) using Penguicon badges. -- Nate will revisit October.
  • Amateur radio General license review class -- Now in January.


  • Ann Arbor Academy. We've had a couple folks get in touch with us about running an Arduino class here. Alex will reach out -- Tyler and Nate both agreed to take time off if the group is committed to doing a class. Alex sent an email in october but hasn't heard anything.
  • Mark Strader and Kaitlin Singer, are hosting a class in beginning of November. Fundamentals of Spritekit, one of Apple's mobile game development frameworks.

Finances/Membership - Alex W.

Lauren got the books setup and Alex and Greg have access. Sweep is working for paypal account. Want this setup so we can talk about finances a bit better.

Alex is going to look at API for Xero to import paypal data automatically.

Alex met with Laurent to get it setup.

We've got $5002 dollars in the bank. We need to setup Autopay for DTE and get the new space working.

ATT needs to be transferred still.

Rent starts October, paid by check. Base rent and part across the hall starts later. We're close to covering it, but we'll need to pull in a business or keep running classes. Nate can cover for a bit the second room.

Members - 12 standard, 10 reduced, 6 company, 28 paying total. Lost 1.

The electronic membership form. Alex is still working on it. Adding another membership tier for donor for $100.

Nate will look into getting an AHA referral code for Amazon purchases. Smile works! -- Haven't gotten a code yet, but did do a little reading. This is the program I was referring to: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/welcome/getstarted

We need a Stripe setup to take membership dues and other payments again. Alex will let Nate know what he needs, and Nate will purchase. Tyler will schedule meeting to work on stripe and website.

Comcast - transfer to a GoPhone prepaid?

Fundraising - Greg G.

Emailed Bill Mayer of Spark on Oct 12:

Hi Bill -

I hope all is well. I wanted to schedule a time to meet with you to discuss some ideas for funding opportunities. When we met on the street, you had mentioned that MEDC wasn't immediately receptive. I wanted to find out if we could spark interest through and event, or perhaps by writing a whitepaper that demonstrates why it's important. We are about to invest in some architectural drawings to accompany a grant... but if funding chances seems, we may use those funds for something more immediately useful.

I am heading to Dubai for a series of talks tomorrow, and will be back on Oct 20. Let me know if you have any time in the following week to meet up, and figure out if there are any next steps that could help make the incubator scene a bit more complete downtown.



Google Community Grants is still on the table for Jan 2017 (Application here). Funding requests typically range from $5,000 to $25,000 and has a 10% cap on overhead expenses (rent, utilities, insurance, legal). We could schedule a meeting with Google to determine how best to apply for funding. They suggest to stop by Google Ann Arbor for our weekly Community Office Hours. Office Hours are every Thursday, 11 AM to 1 PM. Signup is here. There were again no openings when I checked.

Plans for Phase 2 drawings of AHA still on the table, see email below. Greg will cover this cost, but only if we can submit a grant in 2016.

Hi Greg.

Stage 2 – conceptual and preliminary design is 10 euros per sqm. 40% of the total amount for stage 2 would be ok.

Also, I need to open my own paypal for this payment and will send you the info. If that's ok with you, we can start the work and you can pay 40% later when I open the paypal account.

Before we start, it would be great if you could check some dimensions. We will send you a info sketch drawing.

Best, Aleksa

AADL came out on Monday for a tour. 30 after came through. 1 came by after and wrote down times and dates for courses.

Greg looked into NSF grants. They are more for companies that build tools for Makerspaces (SBIR) or for researchers to study maker-styler learning and not necessarily for Makerspaces directly. If we came up with something we could sell to schools or Makerspaces then we could apply to these types of grants. Might be good to have someone from the school of ED on our team.

Charlie of i3 said he'd write email to board on possible grants we could apply for.


Marketing/Events - Corey T.

  • Greg found out name of designer of chili space to do initial design work. Once we get mail campaigns running he wants to standardize look and feel.
  • Greg wants to setup a meeting the week of Halloween. Between the 20th and the 1st of November.
  • Greg wants some things to show all events and the things we do are interconnected.
  • Maker Faire - Corey will come up with ideas for next year and float them to members. ETA is 10/23.
  • Content Calendar - (Greg) To make things a bit easier, perhaps we can start with 1 item a month for the content calendar.
  • Google Ads - (Greg) We have Free Google Ads. AHA has $10k/month credit for cost per click credit, but we are limited to a value of $1 per click. This means we have to limit our scope of search terms... (children, charity, etc.) are going for $4.00+ per click I suggest we make Laser cutter, 3d printer, hackerspace, incubator campaigns and see the the cost for ad words. We may need to create landing pages for each campagin with Call To Actions (Signup for the mailing list, get more information about becoming a member, schedule a tour).
  • Google Analytics - (Greg) It would be nice to include a monthly report on emails and web statistics to see how our digital footprint is growing. Alex and Corey will get it set up, give Nate the info to put on the webpage.
  • We should get in touch with Vanya to fix up door logo, get other signage running.
  • Corey will work on a temp signage solution.
  • Greg mentions another UROP tour is tentatively scheduled in November.
  • Corey wants to get to know current members and what they want.
  • Corey wants to run group focused events once a month to get pictures going and create marketing material. Rebuild the community.

Operations/Volunteers - Tyler W.

Upcoming improvements

  • Hang mailbox (it's at the space)
  • Nate will work on securing new space - New card readers on order.
  • Light bulbs in new space - Tyler has a bunch.
  • UPS to be mounted in rack
  • Order new work tables for current front room and move desks across the hall? Found some nice adjustable ones at Home Depot.

Recycling - Haven't followed up with city again. We've been leaving cans in bags for people to collect outside the dumpster (other tenants do that) and I've been recycling the non-returnables at home.

Member meeting - Next planned for Early November. We'd do this the night of the election maybe?


  • We're short still. Been covering through generous members.

(30m) Unfinished Business

Stephanie is here to help AHA with marketing, has a Engineering/Business background, working with marketing automation software (Buffer currently, not chained to anything in particular). She believes working with her hands is a valuable experience, enjoys informal/impromptu teaching opportunities; but is also a good planner. She brings a unique perspective given the background. She and Corey will meet afterwards to talk about marketing. -- Corey is waiting to hear back.

Alex W. - Drafting a Storage / Clean Tabletop Policy - Still working on it. Alec suggests also having a cheap "storage box" solution, you could rent a cardboard box to put your projects in for a limited time. ETA is August 20th. -- Alex has a draft storage policy, and printed out "parking permits" for existing projects. Still working on the locker policy, and amount to charge for longer-term storage.

Harassment policy - Alex has a wonderful draft done. Ana commented. We haven't resolved the comments yet. Voted in! 4 board members present agree. We'll get it on the website and then communicate via the members list. Request for comment there.