Minutes:13 APR 2022 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1910

Meeting ends: 2110

Participants: Nate Y., Erin H., Andrew C., Joe D., David G., James K.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Membership
  • Outreach
  • Education
  • Old business


  • Announcements/new business:
  • Operations:
    • COVID-19 policy revisited
      • We agreed to revisit this policy again after a month. Any changes needed?
        • No change needed at this point -- will revisit next month, or sooner, if needed.
    • Election updates - Nate
      • Two nominees confirmed (James and Joe); need at least one more nominee still!
      • Bylaws refresh, and scope of refresh for membership vote at upcoming elections:
        • Priority items are removing term limits, extending Director terms to two years
        • Other modifications needed? - James and Nate
    • Tool library updates - Joe
      • What things do we need to do to help this thrive?
        • Signage for folks in space
        • Adwords
        • "Tool library-only" membership tier?
        • Post about it on Reddit, nextdoor
        • Coordinate with AADL since they already offer tools
    • New equipment donations
      • Testing donated equipment
        • What training curriculum is needed?
          • Hold a day where folks take "ownership" of the tool and document how to use it (documentation/wiki party!)
      • Plans to retrieve remaining donated equipment - Nate will try to coordinate for next week with Sam F. and others
      • Plans for sorting/organizing new donations
        • Have another space organization day
  • Membership:
    • Gained one reduced member (at the time of this meeting we have 16 standard, 10 reduced, 2 sponsors, 3 volunteers)
    • Membership drive/new rates - James, in time for April meeting, to go into effect sometime in May. Will send emails about it prior to the April meeting.
  • Outreach:
    • Promotional stickers - David
      • Some other options are sticker giant, sticker app, sticker.stick
      • Group decides to order 250 stickers @ ~$150 - David
    • Maker Show & Tell survey - David
      • Started work on the questions, but not finished yet. Nate will remind in a few weeks.
    • Email blast with fundraiser update/upcoming events - Joe
    • Ann Arbor A2Zero/Circular Economy interview recap - Nate
      • City of Ann Arbor interested in working with groups that have experience with getting the most out of their things. AHA has a long history of doing this already, via the general hacker/maker culture of trying to do self-repairs where feasible, and through public outreach efforts to this effect, like Repairsday.
      • Hopefully the interview will yield a promo video, with some b-roll footage taken in the shop.
      • Also hopefully will yield more opportunity to work with local government to strengthening our ability to foster a circular economy.
    • Chelsea Ham Radio/Vintage Electronics Swap Meet (6/5) - Nate
      • Lots of opportunities to network, and a cheap table ($20). No brainer, so Nate already signed us up.
    • Ann Arbor Art Fair (7/21-7/23) - Nate
      • Application and payments submitted
      • Will need at least one representative from AHA to attend the mandatory Washtenaw Non-Profits meeting (TBA)
      • We've invited a handful of regional MI/OH/IN hackerspaces to send us promo materials, and/or volunteer to join us in running the booth
      • Purchase a fire-rated (NFPA 701) 6'x6' tent with zip-down panels to secure against bad weather?
        • Use this as the core of our outreach/events "Go-Kit"
        • Everyone thinks this is worth it. Nate will research options.
        • Schedule a planning meeting for fleshing out this, specifically for Art Fair - Nate will schedule
          • Ideas for things to do, and planning any power-supply needs (punted to the aforementioned meeting-to-be-scheduled)
          • Running extension cords is not likely to be an option (punted to the aforementioned meeting-to-be-scheduled)
    • Start monthly member social events? - Nate
      • Have theme ideas? (e.g. microcontroller projects, electric vehicles, music, etc.)
        • Come up with a quick description and get this in the Observer. First proposed gathering would be 5/21 coinciding with open hours, could go on later if needed. - Nate will work with James to get this in the Observer
    • Maker meetup for regional makerspaces! Talk shop about how to run hackerspaces better. Reach out to those folks and see if there's interest - Joe, Erin
      • Also we have the Nation of Makers - Sustainability and fundraiser roundtable every other Wednesday, #hackerspaces on Librera - Joe will forward info on this to chat, in case folks would like to join.
  • Education:
    • Start advertising training classes again
      • Put together/refresh curriculum for 3d printers, laser cutter, CNC routers, vinyl cutter, others?
        • Laser is the only tool that would need this now, and the documented knowledge is still relevant
      • Require students to demonstrate their proficiency as part of the training?
        • Consensus is that we should be doing this
        • After the class is done, students get some concepts to study at home, then can schedule a return visit to demonstrate proficiency in using the machines a week or two later.
        • To accomplish this, there needs to be a simple checklist of things we evaluate on, and a final "project" to tie all the concepts together, ideally this is the same "project" that is demonstrated as part of the initial class.
        • Come up with evaluation materials, and pilot this concept with existing members
          • Joe will do laser, James will do CNC, Nate will do 3d printers, Andrew will do it for the Roland CNC.

Old Business:

  • Operations:
    • Nate will sit down with volunteers to expand/freshen job board - Nate still will plan to do this ASAP, perhaps this Thursday.
    • James will reach out about Fuel Cell after today's meeting
  • Financial:
  • Membership:
  • Outreach:
  • Education: