Minutes:13 DEC 2023 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1907

Meeting ends: 2049

Participants: David G., Victoria W., Nate Y., Brian J., Andrew C., Ben N., Joe D., James K.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Membership
  • Outreach
  • Education


  • Announcements/new business:
  • Operations:
    • PC upgrades: buy new vs. upgrade (i.e. more RAM/switch to SSD)? - James K./Nate Y.
    • Access control (interior and exterior): pivot to off-the-shelf Unifi solution? - James K./Nate Y./Ben N.
      • We should test out some of the higher-end Unifi cameras for the main entrance, to control the number of alerts.
      • Access control -- we will order some Unifi gear at the beginning of 2024 (returning if it doesn't work out), could roll into the fundraiser.
    • Can we define a group of people "responsible" for each machine who would document/maintain/organize the main trainings? (i3-style "zone wardens")
  • Financial:
  • Membership:
    • Membership objection reduction brainstorming session (January)
    • Volunteering SOP/color-coded task list?
      • Joe: we should ensure we're getting more volunteer metrics/tracking before we engage with this too much
        • Nate: More folks have been logging their hours (Benevity has helped a lot with this since there is real money attached!). Seems to be largely a discipline issue that can be improved with a bit of PR effort.
      • CiviCRM can potentially track hours also to nudge folks, if needed.
      • Joe: can we take any existing documentation on volunteering stuff, update/distill it, and post in the space for easy reference.
      • Joe will do some color-coding of tasks
    • Membership tracking
      • We have something terrible, but functional! Long term is to get this into something more suitable (CiviCRM?)
  • Outreach:
    • Future grants?
      • Free-form MEDC grant - James K./Ben N.
      • SA2T (Sustaining Ann Arbor Together) - Sarah B.
        • Will start January 1st
      • SPARK cooperation, can we give them more bang for their buck? - David G.
    • Upcoming events:
      • End of the year fundraiser:
        • CiviCRM fundraising management - Sarah B.
        • Events: Winter Workshop, Gift-repairsday, 14th Anniversary party
          • Regulations for buying/selling Winter Workshop kits - Sarah B.
            • Materials for the kits may be sales tax exempt. If we want to do this, need to check deeper on regulations & fill out MI Form 3372 to give to retailers
            • The kits count as "tangible personal property," but because we won't do over $10,000 in sales or $25,000 in aggregate sales, MI regs say we don't have to charge sales tax
            • What we're proposing will not end up under Unrelated Business Income Tax because this is a short term sale related to a fundraiser
          • Social media planning for events - Sarah B.
            • Need to get meetups made, kits ordered, FB/Insta posts up.
    • Future goals & pitch deck - Sarah B.
      • Come up with 3-5 year goals for the pitch deck
    • schmooze cruise - everyone reach out to 3 people and ask for donations, and/or attend events to promote AHA! and our fundraiser
    • Cahoots and Workantile partnerships - James K.
  • Education:
    • 2024 education goals/classes
      • How to transfer some responsibilities for classes to more people?
      • form own sub-committee?
    • Bonus: DIY fob/badge idea