Minutes:13 FEB 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

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  1. Financial Update: Check in to see how we're doing money-wise.
  2. Tax Update/Form 990-N submission
  3. 501c3 status
  4. Info sharing: NEW Foundation meeting

Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Dana N., Michael S., Michael G., Nate Y., Tom H., Wry, Josh W., Vanya, Zach W.

Board meeting begins at 19:20

Josh explains about the NEW Foundation meeting attended by Nate Y. and himself. Board usually is fundraising or governing. This talk focused on a fundraising board, which is basically doing sales. We need to meet with more orgs, familiarize them with our mission.

Dana wants to prepare for summer events, Penguicon, fundraisers, etc.. Meeting about Penguicon/Artfair stuff set for Feb. 20 @ 7:00.

Josh will look into what the Office supplies - Other stuff is for (and why it's so pricey this month!). Update on Office Supplies: It was mostly misc. office supplies. There was some mis-categorized items of significance, ie: Bright Futures & AADL Supplies were in this category for the month of January.

IRS wants us to send in a 990-N form in ASAP. We are technically operating as a nonprofit already; probably could not submit 501c3 right now since we are out of the three-year grace period for nonprofits not submitting the 990s, and the IRS would not be happy about that.

Mike G. will call IRS tomorrow since apparently our EIN isn't in the 990-N database.

We are spending the rest of the night filling in the PDF for 501c3 app.

Meeting ends 20:15.