Minutes:13 FEB 2019 Board Meeting Agenda

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- Meeting attendees: Nate, Corey, Craig, Laria, Mike, James

- Meeting started at: 19:20

- Meeting ended at: 20:48

Board Meeting Protocol

  • Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.
  • Officer Reports - as needed
  • Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. If the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Governance - Craig

  • Working on volunteer process

Finance - Mike

  • Mike set an alert for large withdraws

Prior Updates

  • Status on accounting software: working on it.
  • Status on taxes and tax software: working on it.
  • James Status on expense policy: delayed.
  • James Status on class cost policy: delayed.
  • Mike/James Status on autopay for rackspace and oxford: working on this.
  • Laria Status on Huron Valley payment: done.
  • Mike Status on Nostrum: will be paying this week.
  • Mike/Laria Status on getting a second debit card for Mike: no plans to pursue.
  • Mike Status on ACD & Meetup autopays: ACD might not be working? Meetup still needs to be setup.
  • Mike setup Nest autopay: done.

Fundraising - Laria

(as VP, Laria is filling in for Sarah in the interim)

Corey, Laria, Mike, and Craig will work together to plan a fundraising party, as well as look into other options.

Officer Status Reports

  • President (Craig) -
  • Vice President (Laria) -
  • Secretary (James) -
  • Treasurer (Mike) -
  • Shop Manager (Laria) -
  • Sysop (Nate) -

Previous Action Items

  • Craig post fridge cleaning signs: signs appear to be posted: done.
  • Nate/Craig status of the online membership form: waiting on Craig's OK to enable it: Nate will fix.
  • Nate/James status on the email transition (finance email): should be complete, final verification needed: done.
  • Mike status of anti-harassment signs: dropping this task - not enough time.
  • Craig/Laria/Mike G./Dustin status of camera policy: a meeting was had and ideas were posted. Still waiting on the policy.
  • James status of communications backup for Nate: James believes this should actually be Craig or Laria: Craig is on this.
  • James will make a post on the mailing list about the Ad Hoc Safety Committee (run by Craig, Laria, and Corey): delayed.
  • Craig status on plumbing quotes for the sink installation: go with oxford.
  • James Nest account status: We've got access to the main account.
  • Mike/Craig/Laria status of the space napper: there was no napper, just a member leaving quickly.
  • James status of updates to harassment policy regarding hate speech: delayed.
  • James status of card creation process: delayed.
  • James put the nest renewal date in the calendar: delayed.
  • James Send out links to the harassment policy: delayed.
  • James Can we decorate/paint the pillar outside of our suite if we return it to neutral - ask oxford: delayed.
  • James Calculate the cost of the annex to the space: delayed.
  • Nate/James Archive Sarah's email: done.
  • Craig status of non-profit lawyer search: delayed.
  • James figure out which membership forms are missing: waiting on Mike to create a current list of members: delayed.

General Agenda Items

  • Appoint Sarah's Replacement: Ndu is appointed to the board until elections in April.
  • Mike G. Fiber update: waiting to hear back.
  • Nate/James will form a subcommittee to look into real time communication options (phone, chat, etc...)

Action Items

See above.