Minutes:13 JUN 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

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Present: Nate, Neonate, Heibai, Josh, Xander, AlisonC

Telepresent: Senkow, Echo

Agenda Items

Ventilation Proposal: Josh W.

  • General Problem:
    • Bad Ventilation = Potential hazards + unpleasant smell
    • Good Ventilation = We can cut more stuff with less worry!, cut different kinds of things
    • More detailed explanation:
      • There is currently no appropriate ventilation for LASER Cutter, 3D Printers, CNC Cutting, etc.
      • There is currently no fresh air in take for the Proto Room or DogFort
      • When laser cutting acrylic, it emits a plastic burning stench that people complain about! (JW: Competing with poo smell)
      • With proper ventilation, we can cut more materials that we currently avoid due to health concerns.
      • Fumes from acrylic are bad for you. Not as bad as chlorine, but not good.
      • There are potential people willing to lend us money to make this happen, so long as we pay them back in a 6 month time frame and/or count towards membership.
  • Costs:
    • $180 = Fans: http://www.amazon.com/Suncourt-Inductor-In-Line-2-Speed-Duct/dp/B0015S5DBM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1338512898&sr=8-2 3x - $60 each = $180
    • $360 = Ductwork: $13 per 5 feet x 20 + $10 per join x 10 = $360 online. I bet they're way cheaper if you buy them somewhere local like stadium hardware though.
    • $150 = Fudge factor $150 (mounts, screws, vents, dampers, poking holes in walls, etc etc).
    • $50 = Bends / Joints / Angles / Connectors
    • Total cost: $750 -- but I suspect it may come down to ~$550 or less buying locally.
      • If we ONLY do Protoroom (not Dogfort), we can reduce by ~$100 (min ~400$, max ~600$)
    • XH: Two competing proposals, Shvartsman has priced out both
      • Through-ventilation Dogfort and Protoroom
      • Fume hood, duct for laser cutter
  • Who can make happen?
    • Josh Williams
    • Michael Shvartsman
    • Tyler Worman
  • Heibai: Liability waivers
  • Nate Y: May as well do both
  • Josh: Ductwork is biggest cost, then fans
  • NY: Fume hood first, then expand later? (Laser cutter first) -- Could use flex tubing
    • Dust-generation makes this obsolete
  • X: Fume hood: Drop the ceiling by 50cm and install fans to pull air up and out
    • FIlters over intakes
  • NY: Dust generation makes that hard
  • X: Wall mount shop vac, movable hoses for dust collection
  • NY: DIY dust collector <100$ (cyclonic) is cheap, but ventilation is pricey unless we can find used stuff
  • ND: Ducting in stages, reorganising Protoroom? (laser next to duct?)
    • Solves immediate problem
    • Dogfort will not be ready for at least 2 more months
  • NY: Drilling the hole is hard but not expensive
  • JW: Laser cutter in restroom? (already have Ceiling Cat hole)
  • NY: Ducting is easy, fume hood idea builds in some expandability
  • JW: Michael Shvartsman is willing to front the moneys (year membership)
  • X, NY: Buy used equipment
  • ND: Ventilation adds to value proposition
  • X: Propose two plans.
    • If MSh isn't okay with getting a year membership, he can front the money and we pay him back month to month
      • ND: Don't like taking a loan from a member, also okay with spending out of the general fund because it needs done. Fundraiser since we have a plan
      • H: Party!!!
      • X: We should accomplish this by email. Capital investments to improve AHOps, fundraiser for them?
  • ND: Directors are in agreement, this is a good idea

Proposal: To spend money as set forth by MSh, with the corollary that we look into reducing the cost by doing it sequentially or finding other parts. Spend up to 750$ on a ventilation system to be installed over the next several months.

  • Yea: Nate Dotz, Nate Yost, Xander Honkala, Michael Senkow
  • NY is willing to pitch in some money
  • H: Give him free classes?
  • NY: Name it after him

Stickers: XH

  • VGKids: 1000 single colour 3*3" for 90$, two colour for 140$
  • ND, NY: Crest?
  • ND: Brand recognition? Too many logos
    • Flaming Rhino ++
    • Rhinoctopus
    • Crest (Once you are initiated)
  • X: Multiple colours
  • ND, AC: Can be monochromised
  • X: Size?
  • ND: Flaming Rhino + 'AHA'
  • X: Colours? White on black? Black on white?
  • NY: Wants black on white
  • H: Draw it first
  • ND: Mailing list, 2 weeks call for designs
  • NY: SVG of Flaming Rhino?
    • H has it on her laptop
  • ND: Illustrator?
  • X: No big deal

Proposal: 100$, mailing list 2 weeks call for designs Yea: Nate Dotz, Michael Senkow, Xander Honkala, Nate Yost

501c.3 Submission Process: Nate Yost

  • We need an EIN
    • ND: We have one since our Articles of Incorporation were approved.
    • ND: Beg variety of lawyer friends to help us
  • Linh Song?
  • People who know shit don't have time
  • X knows and can make time
  • NY can make time for forms
  • X: Matt Bauer at Tech brewery
  • NY: Hans at i3
  • ND: James carlson at Bucketworks
    • X: Bucketworks's lawyer?
  • ND's former employer?
    • Will contact
    • Missiles is interested in a lifetime Ops membership in exchange for giving help

501c3 party:

  • X is available sunday evenings
    • NY is okay with sundays
    • JW: 24th evening
    • NY: 24th board game thingy 1300--2000
  • H: Drinking on a friday or saturday?
  • JW: Homework!!! pick an section and review it
    • Xander has section 8
    • Nate D has section 7
    • Dana has section 6
    • Nate Y has section 8 with Xander
    • Senkow has section 4
    • Echo hsa section 3

Agreement: 20:00 on sunday 24 june!!!!

Afterwards we will shove in front of a lawyers face so they can review it

Submit it after review


D&O Insurance: Nate Y.

Directors and omeletts officers

xander will follow up later

Shogun Update: Josh W.

  • Space Improvements
    • Proto Room clean up, shelving, electrical made better
    • DogFort lighting 1/2 fixed
    • Bathroom floors replaced (landlord back in May)
    • Bathroom walls being repaired (landlord 11 & 12/jun)
    • Stench: Pipes patched behind old bathroom in back (landlord 12/jun)
    • Back alley gate: Closure spring added (landlord)
  • Financial Status
    • $4359 in bank 6/13/2012
    • $859 in paypal 6/13/2012 ($825 of this is payment for Summer Camp Classes! JW: shouldn't be included as spendable money)
    • $400 in cash awaiting
    • $150 in pending credit transactions
    • Total: $5768 (NY: I'm always surprised to hear we have this much money.)
    • HOWEVER:
    • -$2,000 that iQguys has yet to deposit
    • JW: 245$/month to pay back to IQguys
    • -$535 owed to Bright Futures (check for $810 was received and deposited a few days ago)
    • $3233 remaining, 2400-2500$ after summer classes
      • Basic Monetary State
      • Memberships are up, once backyard brains goes through we will have brought in ~$1,300 for June ($500 = Nate Dotz)
    • Financial updates re: BGEi Dissolution & AHA Taking up accounts
      • Ops bank accounts are closing
      • Credit Card going through SquareUp (Thanks Nate & BB for temporary phone!)
      • All finances are now headed to go through TCF
      • Jess & Bearic are getting trained up, and we're discussing best way to keep track of everything
  • General Infrastructure Improvements
    • Membership processes
      • Generating lists in Wiki on how to handle new members, extinct members, etc.
      • Dana is handling new member processing
      • Corey is in line for handling extinct member processing

Quickbooks Pro 2012 vs. Online: Josh W.

Quickbooks Pro 2012

  • Cost: $1,100 over three years
    • $200 p/three years
    • $25 p/month if we want payroll
  • Pros:
    • Much cheaper than Quickbooks online in the long run
    • Much more user friendly than QB Online (ie: You can open multiple windows at once!)
    • Jess, who is doing most of the data entry / accounting work is more familiar w/this interface
  • Cons:
    • Can only use on one computer, unless we purchase more user seats
    • More expensive up front cost

Quickbooks Online

  • $2,340 = Total cost over three years
    • $25 p/month now
    • ++$15 p/month for inventory
    • ++$25 p/month if we want payroll
  • Pros:
    • Can use software anywhere we have a net connection
    • Cheaper up front cost
  • Cons:
    • Much more expensive in the long run
    • Clunky interface
  • NY: Offline version is just fine
    • JW: Downside is we need a machine for quickbooks
    • NY proposes setting up a machine then backing it up into the cloud
  • X: Gnucash???
    • JW: Doesn't support payroll. One accountant hates it. Jess is most familiar with QB Pro 2010.
  • JW: QB Pro 2010 expires after three years

Decision: QB Pro 2010 shall be migrated to. dOps and AHA finances shall be merged with the dissolution of Black Galleon Enterprises.

Detroit Maker Faire: ????

  • X: Oh, fuck.
  • X: Lots of herding cats. Wants a stronger presence than last year.
  • H: Projects???
  • NY: Something reasonable.
  • X: Thread
    • Amanda/Valdés/Dome
    • Gamification
    • Pikey Spoint Tent
    • H2 Balloon Explosions
    • Cell Phone Wrecklab
    • Barbie Car
    • Projects (Scanmera)
    • Derpbots/Robot Repair
  • X has contacted HackPGH and their yurt.
    • Interested in H2 explosions and pikey spoints tent.
  • H2 is dangerous.
    • Probably not gonna happen.
  • X: Barbie car!!!!!! Happening, don't worry about it.
    • Is okay for the moment as far as tasking/getting shit done
    • Worman gonna race at Chicago MF
  • Derpbots. Josh ain't gonna lead it
  • Josh will liaise with Amanda and Valdés about dome stuffs
  • Josh wants a small wrecklab. Big ones are hard to clean up. Wrecklabs are common anyway.
    • NY: Shouldn't be the main focus.
  • ND: Pine Junk Derby = Wrecklab + Pinewood Derby
    • At-booth retention so we can talk up the space. Or coming back again and again.
    • Modati dude to do custom screen printing?
    • Heibai: Modati wanted 100$ for Penguicon
    • NY: Modati could sell shit and promote themselves
    • X: Bilal had the problem that it took loads of time. 20 minutes per person
  • NY: Bright Futures?
    • JW: Cheap supplies. Wants to invest lots of time into this.
    • ND: Demos and talk about us being the only hackerspace that has an afterschool program
  • ND: Learn to program in ten minutes! (Borrowed laptops) Would be willing to staff that station but will be in Portland the week prior.
    • Someone else will need to handle the hardware prep.
  • X: Knitting circle under the Pikey Spoints tent - Kimberly et al?
  • X explains the Pikey Spoints tent. Build a yurt out of conduit and connect trashbag cones to it.
  • X: Dome should be backup plan if we can't get Pikey Spoints to work.
    • JW: Needs to be definite yes or no.
  • ND: Ceilinghanger?
  • X: As a hackerspace, what the hell are we shooting for?
    • We're in a better place than i3 who just sit and talk about projects
    • What's our Big Thing?
      • NY: Pikey Spoints, but that sounds like a lot of work
      • X: Commit?
      • NY: Wants to hear moar about design
      • JW: Pikey spoints dome? JOIN FORCES
  • ND: Brainstorming meeting! Mailing list! We need to wrap up cause it's læt!

Summer Camp: Nate Dotz

How many laptops???

  • JW: 2-3 pentium m things

Website Theme Purchase: Xander

  • X: Buy a goddamn theme and make it look better.
  • NY: Wants to get the current theme to work.
  • X: None of us has time.
  • NY has time.
  • Heibai can come up with the design and Nate Y can code it.
  • X: Forum engine
    • AC suggests bbPress
  • Become a Member button
  • NY: Make it easier for who keeps track of it
  • X: Will integrate Stripe - embeddable payment processing API

Membership Form embedded in website: Xander

Treasurer Fun Times: Josh W.

  • Jenn is moving away.
  • Heibai suggests Jess since she's Ops's treasurer
  • JW: Treasurer is IRS's first point of contact and must take their big barbed penis
  • X: We need someone who is in town long term
    • Pavo?
  • NY, X: Next month call on the mailing list?
  • H: apprentice?
  • JW: Redefinition of treasurer
    • Jess and Bearic will handle data entry and reports
    • Treasurer: Long term idea of our financial prospects, and financial documents to file
  • NY: Approach Jess?
  • JW: We need a long term person, Jess might not be right for this because she's busy and may not be interested in the legal aspects
  • NY: Okay, let's put this on the mailing list soon


  • Laptops from Justin Konen, Tess Gallagher, Nate Yost
    • need to send thank you to Nate!
  • $100 from Ross (for dogfort buildout)
    • Need to send thank you
  • New shift machine + OS from Chase, Stacy, Chris C., English G.
  • The use of new Replicator from Backyard Brains
    • Need to send thank you
    • Need to train Tyler
  • Backyard Brains donated microscope
    • ND: Don't fuck it up
  • H: Obnoxious thank you for big donations
    • sponsor page

Cube's Fate: Xander

  • X: Proposal was to take it down and rebuild it into a different form to have classes down there It would be a lot of effort in a short time.
  • So how the question is, what do we do to do classes better?
  • H: How does taking down the Cube help facilitate classes?
  • X: Because it's not a good work space.
  • NY: Facing different directions
  • ND: Primary thing that we need is ability for everybody to see the presenter, the cube inherently prevents this
    • The cube is cool, but only æsthetically. Even double stacks would be way superior since they can all turn around
  • H: Will classes bring in more money?
  • ND: People are there for the computers. HOw much gaming business would we lose for lack of the cube?
    • Hoods?
    • The Cube sucks for at least one person, no matter where it is
    • A different desk setup would level the playing field
    • The Cube is not modular or scalable, movable desks are
    • The Cube is awesome, but not for what we need it for
  • X: The Cube is too god damn large and makes it feel cramped and makes it hard to difficult to do shit
    • How much can we afford in renovations?
  • JW: We can't afford much gaming station downtime
  • ND: We can get four stations up over a long night, but we need a plan in advance
    • If we could get a Kickstarter up for our ultimate stations
    • Hit up our partners at EMU and BF, We want to bring your kids here and teach them to be better people! can you chip in?
    • There's a lot of people who haven't donated because we can't give them definite plans
    • Labour cost
    • Growth > Cube
    • Only one dude who uses only the Cube - Justin (hard sell)
  • H: All the gamers are upset about this, even if they don't talk to AHA folks about it
    • Another idea the gamers had was putting renovation money toward laptops and netbooks set up for classes?
  • JW: Tearing down the Cube would give us room for tournaments or classes of 20
  • Everybody: We need gamers to raise their concerns constructively
  • ND: We could build long benches for cheap (<700$). That's 3 laptops at best.
  • X: Proto desk feedback: They're not big enough
    • V shapes may be a worse use of space
    • Cut down the front desk and glass table?, use one huge ass table?
    • Fastest solution
  • NY: I just want to keep the gamers happy and make it reasonable for classes
  • X: We can fit 20 on the big table if we double up at stations
  • ND: We know what works for us, don't want to alienate gamers, draw up plans and ask for gamers' feedback
    • get a date for a general meeting
  • H: Mondays or tuesdays
  • ND: This is your chance to come up with something cooler that better fits your needs and allows us to fulfill our mission too
  • X: To build, we need to close Ops for >=24h
    • Shut down the whole space for ~48h. If you are down here, you are working on renovation or bringing us food.
  • ND: Backyard brains, can help out logistically
  • H: Plenty of notice. Plan ahead for the downtime
  • X: BYB in Dogfort
  • ND: If we plan well enough, can get most things done in 24h - minimal setup for gamers
  • X: Weekend is ideal for volunteers, but not for Ops. It has to be Sun/Mon
  • ND: Get input, then do shit, then get money? September?
  • JW: September is good because students are back in session
  • X: Okay, run summer camps as we are in AHA. Put BYB in Dogfort

Meeting adjourned at 22:19