Minutes:13 JUN 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

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- Meeting attendees: Demure, Kim, Mike G, Mike Z, Nate, Craig W., James K., brian

- Meeting started at 1705

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.
  • james k. brings up annex usage
  • james k. brings up public web server
    • he is willing to help maintain web stuff
    • we will look at starting a new clean instance
  • outside door still needs contractor
    • maybe see if stadium hardware has recommendations.
      • nate will call
      • may have to have open bidding due to non profit?
  • craig brings up issue with volunteer being in main room.
    • board agrees that main room should be watched and occupied while not working on project.
    • demure will work on better volunteering onboarding.

Governance - Nate

  • nothing new

Education/Events - Kim

  • AACME happen
    • we did a lot of soldering
    • went very well
    • had library provided volunteers too
    • use aadl provided kits.
    • we should ask them to provide kits going forward
    • we need to work on better communication with aadl leading up to event
    • we should add fliers to have on hand next time
  • byb onboarding was done by mike g and brian
    • byb helped our cleaning party for tech trek!
  • Tech Trek is on June 15
    • We need volunteers to be at AHA for the event!
    • Having cold water on hand is a must. Cooler and water bottles?
  • George's Meetup is a go. A slight tweak of the title was encouraged.
    • we pinged him on how it is going
  • Documenting AHA resources and Wiki updates should be recurring events.
    • Once per month to start? This will happen, start with a short brainstorming session then get to work!
  • We need teachers!
    • 3d printer... avoid bubble.
      • we will buy new stick on mat
    • we need to record teacher to camera class
  • Christmas in july
    • a donation party to help the space
    • consumables are great (tape, sandpaper, etc)!

Finances - Brian

  • we got a check for doing the compressor install.
    • it is understood that nostrum will be handling contractors.
  • We got the pcon badge reimbursement.
  • BYB paid for full time and fellows.
  • Utilities have increased...
    • apparently we need an electric meter put into our name?
  • We are at a two month reserve of money

  • James K. brought up the idea of changing from Paypal to Stripe.
    • We need an updated AHA website for it to work
    • Henry is on the migration team for Stripe
    • This is going to take some effort- we will form a task team to figure this out outside the meeting

Fundraising - Mike G.

  • Mike G. is working on a three day root kit boot camp, probably in July (or later)
  • impendingly cautiously optimistic merit fiber?

Marketing/Outreach (Madeline officer)

Operations - Nate

  • Demure and kim cleaned the shelves in the classroom for the BYB research fellows project storage
  • Landlord needs new board names for approved unlock requests (Brian will send this) nate may do
  • nate is willing to figure out new internet cable.

Membership/volunteering demure

  • We need to write a contract for aircompressor
    • board agrees that it will be for space + two people in the space
      • further people will be separate.
    • Space verbiage needed.
    • need their sq footage, our total sq foot, our cost of operation
  • demure will email coworker.
    • interim solution to coworking space will open if board member is on hand.
      • there are no promises that this will continue or be available
    • we will poll members on how we go forward.


  • JUN Stats:
    • We currently have 2 coworkers, 19 standard, 13 reduced, 1 house hold, and 6 volunteers in good standing, 19 BYB.