Minutes:13 July 2016 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: Corey, Alex, Nate, Greg, Alec, Tyler (note taker)
  • Meeting starts at: 7:12
  • Meeting ends at: 8:35

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Corey - Marketing Corey accepts. Would be happy to migrate marketing duties to officers to avoid burnout. Greg agrees. Having more of the members meetings would be good. Alec agrees we should have a separate meeting. Corey will try to schedule a meeting. Greg suggested a monthly marketing email. Corey is interested in sending stuff out about current events and what's going on now. Content for the blog, lots of activities are going on but we don't publish it.

Nate will give Alec blog access.

Alec wants to give volunteer manager access to staff list.

Minutes Approval

  • April 2016 Board Minutes -- Was not approved in June because 2 directors were missing.
  • June 2016 Board Minutes

Corey, Alec, Greg and Tyler approved.

(90min) Standing Committee Reports

Education - Nick R.


  • Advanced Learn-to-Solder (surface-mount) using Penguicon badges.
  • Amateur radio General license review class -- Do we have enough people to open on Saturday morning, and should we charge for use of AHA? Need to resolve these questions ASAP.
  • Professional Development opportunity (i.e. AHA training educators) via middle school teacher Rebecca B.

Discuss fee structure for classes and use of AHA's space.

See more notes from discussion around classes and planning here:


  • Nate thinks we should increase cost classes, charge and rsvp in advance. Put skin in the game. Nate asks we look at it and review. Gist is re-organize how we run classes, so that the teachers don't burn out. Feels people will get good value out of the classes either way. Teachers are happier, paid, and better experience.
  • Haven't had change in teacher in long time.
  • Most people not involved won't teach a class for free or for low turn out.
  • Feedback and student evaluation would help at the end.
  • Will take discussion to email and decide on fee soon so we can get a number to Dan.
  • Nate requests feedback via email
  • Flyers where we get hits.
  • Nick is working on class list for fall. Classes during welcome week.
  • Greg proposes $50 one time fee for the class. Nate will tell him that number.
  • Advanced learn to solder prob won't happen this month.
  • Professional dev we need more info. Teaching teachers how to do making.

Finances/Membership - Alex W.

Greg (BYB) raised concern that he's yet to receive payment for laser use. We should compensate BYB for the member laser use as per the original agreement. They have invested significant money in the laser and it's installation for member use.

  • Greg is OK with this for now. Should look into LDAP for the future.

Do we try to restart regular Member meetings? They have been poorly-attended in the past, but good to have opportunity outside of Board meetings to raise concerns.

  • Nate is happy to coordinate and run them. More people engaged and getting people here. Newsletter might be helpful. Member meetings on this day at this time, blah, blah, and blah. Tyler is happy to help. We'll start with the pot luck meeting. Member meeting start schedule every other month.
  • Corey said some do orientation of members at that time.

Alex update

  • DTE decided to let us pay them. They will mail us packet to fill out.
  • We need to send them new lease with new meter then.
  • Nate suggested get a mailbox.

Transferring money from Paypal to TCF. New paying member, but lost one. Greg said he added a member but told him he has to start paying in November. Need to pick up a few more members to support new space. Nate will float us for a bit.

Electronic forms are mostly done but not uploaded yet. July 30th is ETA.

Fundraising - Greg G.

AHA Grant update: Working meeting on July 11 to discuss architectural designs for new spaces. Good turnout (7 members) to discuss two main concepts. All members present at the meeting agreed with creative concept 2 (See document here) which provides a larger space for maker space. Design was industrial and clean (wood, stone, concrete), with all fixtures and furniture all built in house.

SPARK Tour: Bill Mayer of Spark will tour AHA July 19, 2016 at 2pm to discuss the plans for making AHA into a co-working space 9am-5pm. The goal is to write an MEDC grant to fund 2-3years of rent, and full time employee for the MakerSpace.

New Lease Amendment: New amendment is available here. Covers 2 new places.

Greg thinks we have a good shot at this.

  • Alec wonders about permits. Greg says yes we'd need them for renovations.
  • Architect would design things up to code.

Marketing/Events - Corey T.



  • Corey said he could take some time on the weekend for Art Fair noon - 4. Corey will send out an email about for call to action.
  • Nate just got message from Charlie at i3 working with Henry Ford and Radioshack. Need work to package it for kits or assemble ahead of time. Nate doesn't think it will pan out to build them. Pick and place won't work before then. Only have till 30th.
  • Corey mentions it's not too late to get flyers together and set them out at i3 or something.
  • Corey thought people bring kids to get them involved in STEM activities.
  • Alec thinks we need water bottles for event.
  • Nate for badges -> take discussion for email.
  • Corey will try to schedule a meeting. Greg suggested a monthly marketing email. Corey is interested in sending stuff out about current events and what's going on now. Content for the blog, lots of activities are going on but we don't publish it.
  • Good to have these marketing discussions. What are the latest information, looking at analytics and things.
  • On course for Milan open house we should bring some presence.
  • Alec will try to make a stencil.
  • Improve signage will help marketing. Alec suggest temp poster for art fair, Alec said he can make things with what we have here. Corey wants a better design for the pillar.

Operations/Volunteers - Tyler W.

Door lock on main room is working.

  • Nate started administering cards.
  • Plan to expand and place similar system on new room.
  • Nate ordered the parts.
  • Door lock randomly crashes and won't lock.
  • Nate investigating.

Laser Cutter Update from the installers: "Our measurements lead us to believe that the concrete fill in the chimney stop approx. 48” above the existing square electrical box on the outside of the chimney. If we use the pipe route thru the chimney, then up to a point above the concrete fill, we will have approx. 6’ of PVC pipe exposed. The electrical conduit will also need to be moved." Will hopefully start next Tuesday.


  • Network cable runs are finished
  • NAS is up
  • PC's starting to be restored.
  • UPS is ordered for rack
  • Face plates and more cabling for rack have arrived.

Laser cutter install is waiting for city approval for changes to exterior of historic building and resume of work by Altech.

Paint work continues...

Leak in ceiling in loud noise room - Haven't been able to verify anything except condensation in the room. Landlord can't do much for condensation.

Interior doors

  • Door in loud noise room sloping - Probed a bit - it's going to be our responsibility. Would be best to shim it up and run screws back in for frame.
  • Door stop bottoms were ordered.

Volunteer meeting held on 30 June 2016. Minutes/Notes: Minutes:30 June 2016 Volunteer Meeting

  • Many showed up.
  • Only 2 volunteers scheduled on the roster.
  • We should give notice and terminate any other members listed as volunteer at this time.
  • Brian Morse and Demure are the only two volunteers. Demure has offered to run the space on all open days until he starts classes again in the fall.
  • We'll need to recruit new volunteers before fall semester.

(30m) Unfinished Business

Alec wants to have some kind of long-term agenda of "things to do" (recurring events), viewable in the minutes. - Happened 16th of June need to circle back. Alec said open house.

Nick R. mentions the Milan R/C Club has restarted, trying to get a non-profit status. - Good, we're helping and attending the events.

Nick wonders about cleaning the acrylic skylights and what the plan is for that. - Tyler said we can clean from up top. Will add to volunteers.

Alex W. - Working on a Google Form for membership signup to replace current paper form. - July 30th deadline

Alex W. - Drafting a Storage / Clean Tabletop Policy - Still working on it. Alec suggests also having a cheap "storage box" solution, you could rent a cardboard box to put your projects in for a limited time.

Tyler brings up the AHA phone number switch over. This needs to happen because we use our phone number on a few places. We've cancelled internet, struggling to get phone registered to provider, may just need to get a more recent phone.

Follow ups from landlord about new building.

Mailbox - Q: Do we have a centrally located mailbox somewhere? If not, does the mailman generally just leave mail outside suite doors?

A: The mail carrier delivers to the suite.

Recycling - Q: The recycling bins behind the building are reserved for Afternoon Delight use. Is it acceptable if we get our own small bin from the city and place it there or do we have a shared recycling location somewhere?

A: Yes you may get recycling bins, I would suggest labeling them as AHA.

Bathrooms - Q: We have keys to the bathrooms on the lower floors. Are they intended to be reserved for employees or is it okay for customers to use them also? The upstairs restrooms are open during the day, but we weren't sure if they were reserved for Afternoon delight customers. Would it be acceptable to direct handicap/wheel chair users to the upstairs bathrooms if needed?

A: The lower level restrooms are intended for tenants and their guest. We just ask that they are mindful of the others in the building. The upstairs restrooms are common area restrooms. However, they may be locked after 3pm by Afternoon Delight.

Utilities billing - Q: Utilities billing for the locations are shared between tenants. How will we receive the bill for that?

A: Each of your spaces (soon to be leased spaces) are separately metered. If you have a share of the common area utilities you will be billed monthly for an estimated usage based on your pro rata share. I know we are currently working on an amendment to your lease to incorporate the new spaces and should have that information for you soon.

(30m) New Business

Tyler would like to introduce a formal harassment policy that allows us to directly deal with issues when they occur.

  • We should get something short, clear, acceptable behavior and repercussions from them. Copying an existing policy would be sufficient suggests Nate. We'll look at those. Having clear escalation, up to board if we get other chances. Will draft and send a few around. We have very little stuff on harassment.

i3: https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/Harassment_Policy

Nate needs to contact insurance agent to update coverage for added square footage. Square footage of current space has been amended to 1420 sq.ft.. Square footage of salon space is 439 sq.ft (right??).. Nate will change the total coverage to be 1420 + 439 = 1859 sq.ft..

CTN - Tyler interview by CTN. Monday night suggestions to take media or cool stuff. Corey suggested we ask Ana if she's okay talking about the space. She knows the space at different ages and can talk to the crafty sides of things. BYB interns? Short list of people to call and whoever says yes goes. Send Tyler an email if they have ideas of who is interested.

Corey asked who took the speakers apart and can we put them back together?