Minutes:13 MAR 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

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  1. Mythlogic machines situation
  2. Lease Options update: Sounds like we are in favor of occupying SDS; let's discuss some details of the move.
    1. Desks?
  3. Budget items: Penguicon shwag, Arduino kits?
  4. 501c3 status
  5. Financial Update
  6. Board elections

Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Dana N., Michael G., Nate Y., Tom H., Josh W., Alex H.

Board meeting begins at 20:00

So, Mythlogic wants their machines back. Not sure when they will do this. This will obviously affect income, also future camps, some members and staff.

  • Can we move the agreement to "rent to own"? They are not really new, so let's make the case that they might want to get new ones.
  • Can we aquire our own machines if that doesn't work?
  • Can we wait until after summer camps to give them back?

Some machines are not working for various reasons; each machine has different specs. How much longer do we have it? Can we negotiate with the cube?

Leasing SDS Just need to get in touch with M.G., sign lease? Have to wait for SL to begin the move. We need to know what the extent of electrical will be taken care of for us; also what the rent might increase to after 2016. Can we see the space?

Can we get Barracuda a receipt for awesome workstations? Talk to The School Factory about this...

We got about $400 in the wings for shwag for Penguicon (tshirts, brochures, stickers, etc.). Also Atari Punk kits, crossbow kits, soldering badges. Additional AHA soldering kits we might be able to sell.

501c3 updates from Mrs. Hunter need to go in the PDF. We will convene on Sunday 3/17 @2:00ish to do this. Then it will go to Ed. School Factory is filling out our 990 -- need to know when/if they have/will send it so we can go on with the next steps with the IRS. Nate will bug them about this. Also, we have folks pledging to help us pay our application fee. Can we get them to donate before we send it in so that we don't have to track them down later? :)

Finances looking OK -- we are in the downslope of the "BF curve". We are getting good money from our own internal classes lately. Class attendance is up! BF sites are also paying us better than they were -- now up to $90 p/class. Summer is coming. What do we do in terms of events/activities outdoors to boost our brand?

Next board could use a better idea of what is expected of them. Can we come up with a set of defined goals for the next board to achieve? We are going to discuss over email. Let's get this done by Monday 3/18.

Mike G. brings up a good point about access to services by former officers/board members. We should develop a plan to change passwords and stuff after the election.

Speaking of election, we have one coming up. Announcements go out 3/25. Format will be the same as previous election, but we should have someone else who is not running for board tallying votes; have real ballots that are printed and not handwritten. :)

Meeting ends at 21:10.