Minutes:13 MAR 2024 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 2009

Meeting ends: 2154

Participants: David G., Nate Y., Brian J., Joe D., Robyn D., Victoria W., Sarah B.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Membership
  • Outreach
  • Education


  • Announcements/new business:
  • Operations:
    • PC upgrades:
      • Nate found a mini-PC in the box by the network rack -- machine posts, appears to be decent Ryzen 5 machine, 8GB, only lacking m.2 SDD drive. Could be a good replacement for the laser or public PC.
        • If we get this one running, then we should only need one more "modern" machine to be in a relatively good spot.
        • Robyn might have an m.2 drive?
    • Access control (interior and exterior): - Nate Y.
      • Interior door is good to go -- could use some wiring cleanups (will be easy once we remove the legacy system)
        • Timeline to sunset the legacy entrance system? How do we make this clean so members who haven't been around in a while don't get locked out? Member news blast, reminders to meet Nate/others who have been trained on how to add users at Repairsdays/Open Hours, any other things?
      • Remaining needs for exterior door:
        • Coordination with Oxford for card reader installation (Oxford should do this)/camera installation (we should be able to do the camera install ourselves)
        • Select a suitable (i.e. PoE, tamper-resistant) camera to monitor the external door
        • Reroute existing ethernet run(s) from the far bathroom back over to the external door reader. Nate believes there are two old ethernet lines we can reroute.
        • Need to ensure port capacity on the switch for two more PoE devices (access controller and camera)
    • Elections - James K.
      • To meet an end-of-April timeline (approx. 4/25) for the end of the election, we will need to get out the call for nominations by 3/21, launch the actual election period by 4/18. - Sarah B. will incorporate into Mailchimp etc.
    • LaunchX planning - July 1st-26th - Joe D.
      • safety briefing/tour?
  • Financial:
  • Membership:
    • Membership tracking
      • Nate set up Appsmith -- next steps? - James K.
  • Outreach:
    • Future grants?
      • Free-form MEDC grant - James K./Ben N.
      • SA2T (Sustaining Ann Arbor Together) - Sarah B./Nate Y.
        • Will start January 1st
      • SPARK cooperation, can we give them more bang for their buck? - David G.
    • Upcoming events:
      • AACME (May 5th 11am-3pm @ AADL Downtown) -- Confirm activities, submit application - Nate Y.
      • Art Fair (July 18th-20th @ E. Liberty St. close to AHA) - missed initial application period so no double booths left, can still potentially get two singles.
        • Will we have enough staffing? They will require us to have staff present at all times (probably around 9-5ish each day)
        • Let's come up with some activity ideas (CNC portraits on a postcard? others?).
          • donations?
        • Once above is done, Nate will submit for two single booths ($370 (2x$185) + $85 deposit). - Nate Y.
      • Crowd Supply Teardown (June 21-23, Portland OR) -- can get free tickets from Helen
    • Future goals & pitch deck - Sarah B.
      • Come up with 3-5 year goals for the pitch deck
      • use long term planning channel for brainstorming -- Sarah B. will seed with gathered ideas
    • schmooze cruise - everyone reach out to 3 people and ask for donations, and/or attend events to promote AHA! and our fundraiser
    • Cahoots - James K.
      • very 2-3 happy hours
      • Bob Ross-style soldering workshop (leverage PCBway sponsorship)
      • other workshops where knowledge workers can use hands instead
      • discounted memberships/annual donation
      • 2-3 access cards for staff after orientation in exchange for use of their event space(s)
    • Workantile - James K.
    • Bamboo - James K.
    • Newsletter owners needed
      • Tango tutorials - Sarah B.
      • Zoom during next one? - Sarah B.
  • Education:
    • 2024 education goals/classes
      • How to transfer some responsibilities for classes to more people?
      • form own sub-committee?
    • Bonus: DIY fob/badge idea
    • Miniatures class - should be ready by April - Victoria W.
    • Artisan Market events - April-December? Update on todos/timelines so Nate can report back to Creative Washtenaw - Joe D.?
    • Repairsday Road Show/Community Outreach/A2Zero ambassadors
  • Communications improvements
    • always-on #general on TV/RPi
    • Matrix vs. Discord?
      • bridging as stopgap?
      • Is this working out for everyone? If so, let's publish links to the other apps on our webpage/new member materials/flyers? Currently there is no easy way to direct users to join via Discord or Slack - Nate Y.
        • General feeling is there's no need to push the other options, but to keep them as alternatives when someone is not happy with Element.