Minutes:13 MAY 2020 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Reportbacks from Active Systems & Working Groups - 10m
  • Finances (rent in particular) - 10m
  • Online classes/how to do more
  • Safety procedures for reopening/post-quarantine - 5m
  • Tech items:
    • Election process improvement
    • Matrix server
  • Volunteer management/ideas to improve process
  • Announcements - 10m

Things that are ideas

  • Rent/finances? How to survive!
    • James proposes paying about 70% of rent so we can keep running, revisit every month -- proposal passes.
    • Most income will come in through donations/classes instead of members, but we should expect some members will stop paying, and getting new members will be hard. To make up lost income Joe estimates we would need about 30 additional members ($50 rate).
  • Online classes
    • James makes a plea for everyone in the meeting to put together a virtual class to get interest (and potentially income) for AHA. Good response to running these classes so far!
    • David G. would like to do an Arduino class ("From blinking to thinking"), using the Arduino Nano BLE. About 1.5 hour, monthly, communal style where people get to know each other and share projects. Shooting for the 1st week of June.
    • Mike would like to do a class on fuzzing either this weekend or the next.
    • Nate would like to do a home-automation-sans-creepy-data-mining class, but probably not very soon due to needing more parts to arrive in the mail.
    • Mike and James would like to get a Zoom Pro account for AHA. Nate suggests looking into Google Meet, possibly provided by our existing GSuite account. Mike will do a test-run with Zoom for fuzzing class.
  • Safety procedures when lock-down is lifted
    • Joe urges us to come up with a safety plan for post-quarantine life.
    • Signage for max capacity, PPE requirements, etc.
    • Nate suggests finding things for volunteers to do while they aren't running a shift at AHA.
    • Joe: Set up a calendar to "check out" a room so that we can keep capacity manageable.
  • Tech projects
    • Matrix for a more open collaboration system
      • James wants to get Matrix up and running ASAP. Proposes this Sunday to work on space improvement with some tech improvements.
    • Voting system - Take it offline
  • Voting coordination
    • Joe would like to help out with the effort
    • Need to update spreadsheet for tracking volunteer hours
    • Joe will start an email thread on the member list to discuss ideas for volunteering.


  • Governance - election went well! Nate would like to look into other options to do remote voting from a privacy-friendly standpoint.
  • Keys and who has them - up-to-date on the wiki.


  • James proposes paying about 70% of rent so we can keep running, revisit every month -- proposal passes 4/5 (Laria absent).

Action Items

  • Thing that needs to be done
    • People/Workgroups responsible
    • Deadline/Estimate
  • Voting system thread started on mailing list - Nate, by the end of the night!tomorrow night!
  • Set up Board accounts for new Directors - Nate, by the end of the week!
  • Start email thread on volunteering - Joe
  • Draft procedures for safely reopening -Joe
  • Friendly email/reach out to others in the building - Mike (PENDING)
  • Get key-holders on wiki - Mike (DONE)
  • Send a brief message to Oxford re: rent - James (DONE)
  • Get more keys made - James (DONE)