Minutes:13 May 2015 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Meeting attendees: Tyler S., Larry W., Jerry K., Donnie J., Alec M., Esty T., Alex W., Nick R., Josh V. (Absent: Greg G. - prior out-of-town engagement)
  • Meeting starts at: 19:16
  • Meeting ends at: 21:00

==(15 min) Open For All

  • All are worthy, All are welcome.

- Tyler S. - Been hearing lots of comments that we don't put our tech on the door. (ie. 3D printers, Laser Cutter, etc.). Offers to make suitable flyers. - TS - Art Night, Music Night and Cosplay are dead...need to be revived to celebrate social aspects of AHA - TS - We need to strategize about moving, when we're more financially stable. - Alec M. - shared screenshots (over several days) from AHA computers unsuitable for the eyes of children. Group thoughts - either don't do those things at AHA, or logout after 100% of the time (latter has proven unenforceable) - AM - Are partnerships with BYB and AMF documented? Per Larry W. - there are no formal agreements (Board minutes and emails only to the Board). Should we? Maybe, if so it should include a regular review. - AM - Individual member space utilization (how much is allowed and for how long?) - Cleanup always expected. Larger items should be labelled. We are NOT a quick storage site so consensus being a) label personal stuff b) duration beyond 1 month should either be space paid for OR members notified goods at risk of dispersal (Ops to notify). 4/5 Directors agreed with this. Make it so.

April Election Results & Member Surveys

  • Very high turnout - of 59 eligible to vote, 35 did so.
  • New Directors are; Donnie J., Greg G. and Tyler Soohoo (Congratulations to all)

* Tentative Director Assignments as follows;

- Donnie J. - Outreach & Classes - Greg G. - Fundraising & Financial - Tyler S. - Volunteer Coordinator - Larry W. - to assume Governance and retain Membership (Ken L. will help w/ Salesforce) - Nick R. - to retain Operations/Facilities

* Director assignments require formal Board Approval (4/5 required)

  • Discussion around Conflict of Interest. All assignments approved w/ exception of Financial (temporarily - Treasurer (Diedre D. will do the books). Financial Dir. deferred until full Board. All in favor 4/5

Old Business

Action Item Status

  • Inventory Status - Nate Y. - still going on (being folded into Workplace Worksheet in Google Docs)
  • Monthly Task List posted on bulletin board for Volunteer Hours. [1]
  • Nate Y to initiated recurring payments for AMF and BYB (AMF has done it, BYB hasn't yet)
  • Tachometer on the Ryobi drill press is dead. Still troubleshooting
  • Art Fair booth...not FREE (min. $600)
  • Spring Clean Began on Sunday May 3rd! - the following Members helped out; Gareth F., Ed V., Nate Y., Nick R., Larry W., Tyler S., Esty T., Alec M.,. Thanks!
  • Last month Zach S. suggested an A2 Make Event that moves around - Larry will pursue w/ Washtenaw Quarterly Maker Leadership

Election Night Member Survey Results

  • Survey Results (35 members participated) show
  • Top 5 reason members are here;

- to gain access to tools, equipment, the internet - be part of a community of people like me - to gain new knowledge - to relax in a friendly environment - to be inspired by others

  • Top things that need improving

- have more social events - add more classes - create partnerships with more small businesses - pay someone to do the cleaning - invite artists, makers and hackers to speak here

  • Biggest thing to fix? Our workspace (8 members called some area the biggest problem);

- Not enough space in a basement. - Move above ground (mentioned twice) - Visibility - people seeing the space. - No windows - The bathrooms - No natural light - Back room shop is too small.

  • Biggest issue facing this Board and the next Board is to address AHA's lease: Stay, Expand to Sylvia's or Leave...?

Formal Event Request Status (TBD)

ANNUAL EVENTS - How do we get people interested and committed in helping out?

  • GameStart Spring Festival - Successful, manned by Jacob M., Tyler W. and Nate Y.
  • Penguicon - Soldering brought in $1185, Dropped the ball on the Raptor hands (still don't know where they are...)
  • AAHOM TechTwilite - 5/15 6:30pm-9pm (still need to submit invitation - forwarded to Donnie J.)

- Nick suggests running a special ham radio station that night. (Larry to put up signup sheet)

  • A2 MiniMaker Faire - Saturday 6/6 10am-4pm (will have AHA solder badges IF they come in)

- Need to submit if we're going to do it.

  • Detroit Maker Faire - July 25-26 9:30am-6pm (deadline 6/1 to submit)

Standing Committee Reports

(10 min) Financial - from Zach S.

  • April 2015 P&L - [2]
  • AHA continues to be in a strong financial position.
  • Even without donations and Penguicon we would have about broke even in April, but with them we were able to have a healthy profit in April (although much of this is spoken for, because...)
  • We are done paying off the iQguys purchase agreement!
  • We went through our books and iQguys did the same and we determined there were 4 outstanding monthly payments, so we wrote them a check for $988.08 and can now scratch off the monthly expense of $247.02 from our obligations.
  • IRS 990 has been filed. Thanks Zach!
  • New Treasurer? Diedre D. has volunteered to be treasurer in exchange for AHA Membership. Gratefully accepted w/ 4/5 Director approval

(20 min) Governance - Larry W.

  • Membership Update (Larry W.)
  • Monthly Membership Update [3]

- 52 members this month, just prior to election we were up to 59

  • Finalized Membership Forms are in now production. - Larry
  • Wiki and website laggin behind...

(10 min) Operations & Facilities - Nick R.

  • Display Case soon to depart for Gamestart - anyone want to coordinate this move?
  • Improvement Projects (small laser cutter, redo front desk, kitchen improvement, sand blaster coming as soon as space is made for it)

- small laser cutter relocated not yet hooked up. - front desk (move recycle/garbage, modifying to make more pleasant for staff)

Monthly Maintenance report [ADD MAY LINK HERE filed here]. - No leaks - Toilets still a problem (bubbling waste water) - Sending report to Gerald Coggins (now a daily occurrence) - Bandsaw blade broke and since replaced. - Scanner is broken - lid needs attention (anybody?) - Under table computer brackets being constructed by Alex W. & Nick R. - Kossel rewired -- Alex has an extruder in the works. Still eats black filament - One desktop to run 3D printers - Donnie J. and Nate Y. are working on putting LED's behind vinyl sign.

  • FYI - the AHA Wiki now has tags for determining currency of pages (thanks Demure)

(10 min) Staff - Larry W. (this month only)

  • Staff being proactive getting Shift replacements.

- We have enough volunteers for staff

(10 min) Fundraising - Larry (this month only)

- Monthly Fundraising Report

- $1185 collected from Penguicon Badges - Woot! Woot!

(15 min) Outreach - (this month only)

  • Class Schedule - FB API has broken Google push to Twitter and FB from Google Calendar (back to manual entires)

New Business

  • We need a Bike Fix Night!!!