Minutes:13 NOV 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

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Meeting attendees: Martin S., Tyler W., Dana N., Josh W., Larry W,, Andrew S., Zach W., Nate Y.

Meeting starts at 19:00

Meeting ends at 21:00

(15 min) Open For All!

Zach is giving a talk on AHA at MISC (Michigan Interactive & Social Computing ) on Nov. 26 @ Noon in Room 1255 North Quad (105 S. State Street). Talk is titled "AHA - The Continent's Friendliest Hackerspace." Board members encouraged to attend. Zach is asking for ordering again of flyers and brochures. He will pay (amazing) for the material.

Zach is asking to make sure that our most recent finances don't reflect the sound kit order.

Laser cutter update. Working on getting laser cutter up and running again. Josh will follow up with laser cutter people.

(15 min) Policy for borrowing shared resources

New borrowing policy, email the member list 48 hour minimum before borrowing equipment. Reply back when equipment is returned and what you did with it. Must be a member to borrow equipment.

Action: Make a policy tab on the website, put policies on tab. Nate will create tab, give Martin access to edit website. Email meeting notes links and highlight website and new policy - Martin.

(10 min) Finances with Andrew Segavac!

  • Andrew reports that we have $60 more dollars than last month.
  • Andrew to bring quickbooks up to date by the next board meeting in a format that is easy to maintain. He's going to write a few scripts to modify the .csv files from various sources.
  • Bright futures is taking a break, we need to make up the revenue stream via extra classes, maybe extra library classes.

(20 min) 501c3 Status

  • Will have to add conflict of interest policy.
  • Larry present some ideas, extending board terms, bigger picture, updated
  • Josh says he'll have the form updated by Friday, Larry will have his in by Friday. When they docs are done we'll vote on it over email.

(20 min) Delegation of Awesome

Meet with individuals and discuss spreading Josh's knowledge.





Find out what our current average attendance is per internal workshop. Increase to an average of 8 per workshop. Increase average number of internal workshops p/month to 12 Build nights don’t count : ) We have somewhere around 5 or 6 right now.



What finances means? Have a working budget that is easily updated, understood, and accessible This budget should have a path towards Tool & Space Expansion. Work to improve the status of members and the frequency of updates.



Landlord Management


Space Management


Documentation Organization

Josh & Khevna

Action Items

- Andrew: Will help maintain a Google Doc with current membership info
- Andrew: Will have a fully functional Quickbooks Breakdown for the next board meeting
- Andrew: Will make sure everything involving finances is documented and taken care of
- Dana: Will get trifold brochures to Kolossos and forward money needs to Zach
- Dana: Will make sure everything involving events is documented and taken care of
- Josh: Get Zach membership dues info
- Josh: Will contact Bilal about LASER Situation (done)
- Josh: Will get an invoice to BYB - Invoice sent 12/2/2013, awaiting response.
- Josh: Will get the Staff Mailing list back online (done)
- Josh: Will double check the Amanda comments in the bylaws (Deleted comments)
- Josh: Will see if he can drive himself + Dana to the Grant Day on 11/20/2013 (Josh fail)
- Josh: Will submit updated 501c3 forms with current feedback implemented (done)
- Josh: Will make sure that our documents / file storage is consolidated and organized (in progress)
- Larry: Will make sure everything involving memberships is documented and taken care of
- Larry: Will work on revising updates to bylaws
- Larry: WIll update standing rules for Friday
- Larry: Will make sure everything involving landlord relations is taken care of
- Martin: Will mail out a minutes summary
- Martin: Will document ways/methods people can donate
- Nate: Will implement a policy page for borrowing tools
- Nate: Will make sure everything involving staff is documented and taken care of
- Tyler: Will make sure everything involving space maintenance is documented and taken care of
- Zach: Is willing to pay to get more trifold brochures made