Minutes:13 Sep 2017 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: Nate Y., Brian M., Alex W., Henry M., Alec M., Mike G., Kim, Diana
  • Meeting starts at: 19:04
  • Meeting ends at: 20:55

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Mike G. is concerned about cameras having access by non-Board members, and that they are recording audio. Also the bandwidth has been impacted from additional cameras. Suggests limiting the numbers of cameras from five to fewer.

Nate addresses these: cameras not recording audio anymore (it was on by default, now off); Greg does not have access, only Directors; only four working cameras; sending the lowest-quality images allowed.

Minutes Approval

  • July and August approved.

Governance - Collective Ownership

- Elections coming up - Nate will send email about the rules.

Need to fill Alex, Nate, and Sarah's position.

Education/Events - Henry Marshall

Henry will be contacting people in the next few week to run recurring events.

- Tyler will be doing one class a month alternating between 3D printing and CNC router.

- Henry will be consistently doing a laser class once he learns the quirks of the machines. Brian and Nate offered to help teach.

Mike G. said his rootkits classes were pretty well-attended. First class was really well attended, subsequent classes were a little smaller, but the attendees were more intensely-focused on the subject.

Mike plans on doing another class on the darknet this month.

November Mini-Moog class at AADL, putting together Rhino badges.

Kim suggests a costume party or haunted house in October, Nate mentions working the Open House into it?

Finances/Membership - Alex White

$3032 in the bank.

We had a $1000 adjustment for utilities to take care of, Alex paid it.

Two new members joined this month. Alex will fill in the details.

- Zach Steindler is still paying our meetup membership. We should take this payment over. Henry in contact with Zach, has not heard back. Kim said she would reach out, too.

Alex will reach out to Lauren W. for a status.

Alex is creating some transition instructions for the next Finances Director.

Alex will add people to the mailing list when people sign up as a new member. Henry and Alex taking care of it.

Fundraising - Nate Yost

- No word on any grants this month.

- Encouraged meeting attendees to recruit members, donors, etc.


Not much to add here.

Google Adwords

Have any been added? Nope.

Marketing Email Updates

Nothing new.

Operations/Volunteers - Brian Morse

Bill is now covering Thursday evening.

Brian is still on Saturdays.

Craig is a new member/volunteer on Saturdays.

Kale and Augustine on Friday.

We need more fliers. Brian mentioned this to Kale, who wanted to coordinate; has not heard back yet.

Storage policy

Brian and Larry developed an AHA floor plan of where common items can be stored, and where people cannot store their personal stuff (barring a parking permit).

Some permits have been expired as of last month, should be re-evaluated. Looks like there are no current ones left, so action needs to be taken.

- Feedback on the parking permits this month is minimal.

Clean Table & Trash

Trash compactor location, quirks (close door before typing code), code need to be documented. Nate will do it.


- Kim and Henry will schedule a sorting party for the electronics.

This is done due to the excellent work of everyone listed here. Will re-scope the sorting party to an inventory party!


- Fire extinguishers are out of date. Larry says they can be recertified at Spears. Brian will take care of this. Still in progress.

- We are out of button making supplies. We need 2 1/4" shells. Nate will pick some up.

- How do we network the new printer? Nate will take a look. Info is on the wiki, Tyler might have already made a static IP.

- Henry volunteered to move the acrylic to the shelving unit outside the craft room last month. He still needs to speak with Tinker about this.

- Brian is planning on mounting the TV on a wall mount. He and Larry will work on it Sunday. Done!

Brian will again re-re-re-inquire about the exterior door access with the landlord.

Brian said he wanted to recharge the extinguishers, but needed more info. Nate mentioned that bringing them into the business usually works best.

Cabinets mostly installed.

Pick and Place idle. Can we incentivize people to help finish this project? Free membership for a month?

Talk to landlord, have them call someone on the Board before unlocking the door for "someone" who asks.

In progress

- Tyler was possibly going to work on the LDAP June 25th. Has this happened? Wound up cleaning instead. Nate will try and schedule sometime soon.

To Do


- Has there been a backups on all machines to NAS? Nate wants to know more about this, possible document on the Wiki.

- [Has Bill Putt wired the] second patch panel to rack.

- Tyler has boxes, conduit, caps, wall hangers, and cables to expand the network, but needs help. Any volunteers? This should be shared with the larger membership.



  • Mount projector.


> Nate wanted to mount a display [on the pole outside the space], how can we make this happen? Raspberry Pi (we have one), monitor (Henry has one), monitor mount (Larry has one), HDMI to DVI cable. Henry M. will email Larry about it.