Minutes:14 AUG 2019 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • marketing
  • volunteering
  • anti-harassment policy
  • bylaws
  • loud noise room
  • state taxes update
  • fire marshall visit?

Board members present: Mike, Ndu, Nate, Laria, Adam (remotely via signal)


  • board given homework from Veronica, who can help with marketing (google form)
    • follow up on this!
  • Veronica has lots of experience marketing, currently on the job hunt
  • good volunteer opportunity: reach volunteers, and find volunteers who will do marketing work
  • (volunteering can be more than running shifts; classes, specific projects, space improvements)
  • do things that make news!!!
  • Action Item: fill out questionnaire


  • Ndu new volunteer coordinator!
  • need to remove DDA's get downtown bus pass info from our website (no longer eligible)
  • 2 prospective new volunteers
  • set up an accessible todo list for things volunteers should do.
  • ideally can find volunteer's interests and find tasks they may prefer
  • cleaning would preferably be done by members cleaning up after themselves
    • want to avoid burning out volunteers with menial chores
  • how can we keep our public hours accurate, and make sure the space is open then?
    • volunteers email list if they can't show up, need someone to take a shift
    • should there be a volunteer-only email list/comms for coordinating schedules?
  • Action Item: change bus pass info
  • Action Item: set up accessible todo list for vols

misc. website chatter (spontaneous):

  • would be great to update/redo the website
  • will take design and tech work
  • squarespace/wix vs. git-based ones have different pros/cons
  • some members have done some work on this already, nothing finished yet.
  • need to have a more specific meeting on this with people that want to do it
  • Action Item: set up a meeting with people who want to re-do website

anti-harassment policy:

  • James and Kale have a draft with some edits
  • need to much better advertise the existing policy
    • it exists, people should be able to know about it by just physically visiting the space
  • set up a google form to report (potentially anonymously) to the board
  • better outline reporting mechanism. If you need to talk about something, how do you do that?
  • need to handle the case of a board member being problematic; can't always just report things to the whole board
  • conflict de-escalation and mediation can be helpful
  • will review edits from James and Kale
  • Make and install a more permanent sign
  • make bylaws, anti-harassment policy, etc. MUCH more accessible and easier to find online
  • send links to bylaws and anti-harassment policy to Keane
  • Action Item: make google form for anonymous submissions
  • Action Item: make & install sign re: policy
  • Action Item: review James & kale's edits
  • Action Item: send links to bylaws/policy to keane to format for website
  • Action Item: make directly accessible on website

bylaws (spontaneous):

  • change board vote for banning criteria to n-1 (handle case of having a short board)
  • Action Item: make the edit, bring to next month's meeting as a proposal

loud noise room:

  • members are already having a convo. Awesome!
  • can possibly get shelving from Nate for better organization
  • help schedule/facilitate a meeting for loud noise room users to figure out what changes make sense.
  • Board can listen, figure out how to help make things happen
  • member driven!!!
  • Action Item: encourage interested people to take on the meeting/changes
  • Action Item: facilitate a meeting if necessary

annex (spontaneous):

  • Nate working on a new design that will be more reliable (80%)
  • esp2866, off-the-shelf card reader
  • drilling to install electromagnet is the hardest part
  • should be done soon, once it's proven we can replicate the design in the annex
  • Action Item: get main door fixed, then replicate work on annex door

state taxes update:

  • registered as having sales, and thus sales tax
  • need to file for 2017 and 2018 for having $0 in sales
  • Action Item: file forms for 2017, 2018

fire marshall visit?

  • board can do a quick sweep for things that will be obvious problems
  • make sure circuit breakers are accessible, have clearance (~3ft?)

All Action Items in one place:

  • fill out marketing questionnaire
  • change/update bus pass info
  • set up accessible todo list for volunteers when they work shifts.
  • set up/facilitate a meeting with people who want to re-do website
  • make google form for anonymous anti-harassment policy reports
  • make & install sign about anti-harassment policy
  • review James & kale's edits of anti-harassment policy
  • send links to bylaws/policy to keane to format for website
  • make bylaws/anti-harassment policy directly accessible on website
  • make bylaws/anti-harassment policy edit fixing assumption of always having a full board, bring to next month's meeting as a proposal
  • encourage people interested in loud noise room changes to take on the meeting/changes
  • facilitate a meeting if necessary (loud noise room)
  • get main door fixed, then replicate work on annex door
  • file MI sales tax forms for 2017, 2018