Minutes:14 JUN 2023 Members Meeting Agenda

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Meeting begins: 1910

Meeting ends: 2020

Participants: Nate Y., Brian J., Jeremy H., Joe D., David G., Victor M., Andrew C.


  • Announcements/new business - 10m
  • Operations
  • Financial
  • Membership
  • Outreach
  • Education


  • Announcements/new business:
  • Operations:
    • Updates/plans for planer and sewing machine - Sarah B.?/Joe D.
      • Getting the materials for the sewing machines this week, will take to the repair shop next week
      • Planer has had offers made, but ultimately nobody has taken it. We're doing stuff to get it out of there, though.
    • Signage/SEO updates - Jeremy H.
      • Jeremy is aiming toward a June 21st deadline to get the column.
    • Future tool plans/SOPs for Roland CNC, resin 3d printer, other unused machines/tools? - Nate Y.
      • James said he will investigate getting the Roland CNC running
    • Division of labor - Nate Y.
      • Ideas to make division of ongoing Director tasks happen more smoothly/equitably.
      • Joe will work on an "on-call" calendar for answer
    • LaunchX group/plans - Nate Y./James K. (please fill in any details)
      • Student entrepreneur group, has purchased memberships to use our space during the day for their projects
      • 80 total students in groups of up to 20 (but probably fewer), supervised by adults/mentors.
      • Starting sometime in the next couple weeks
      • This will last about four weeks.
      • Machine training: the idea right now is to train the adults/mentors, and they will train the students.
      • Will mostly be using the shop during the day
      • Final details are in the works. James will let everyone know the details ASAP!
    • New tool donation: Shapeoko 3XL - Nate Y.
      • Thanks to Andrew C. for coordinating it on short notice!
    • Wood shop ventilation/filtration - Nate Y.
      • Part of the Shapeoko donation was a dust filtration unit. We should do a thorough dusting of the wood shop and mount this up to keep it manageable. Tentative plan is to do this during the next Space Improvement Day (Sunday 6/25 @ 2-6pm).
  • Financial:
    • Financial health outlook/Current Profit and Loss updates, Quickbooks migration progress - Joe D., James K.
      • Joe will have these done by the end of the week, and post them here:
      • James was able to get the the April financials done by himself, so will be able to pass on this knowledge.
      • Documenting/passing knowledge onto others (e.g. Nate).
        • Joe (and James?) will set up something with interested parties in the next month.
    • Ann Arbor’s Arts + Creative Industries Economic Recovery/American Rescue Plan Act Allocation - Nate Y.
    • Sustaining Ann Arbor Together (SA2T) Neighborhood Grant Program - Nate Y.
    • County/MEDC grants updates - James K., Nate Y., others?
      • Still interest in moving forward with this, but no bandwidth this month. Will keep this on the minutes so we don't forget to do it!
    • Help with grants - Nate Y.
      • Nate cannot do all this stuff by himself. Please help! The payoff is worth it!
    • Fundraising ideas - further discussion on any of the below items? - James
      • Add AHA "Alumni" section to newsletters. Highlight some of their accomplishments, projects, etc.. Would help us get more exposure to more social networks.
        • James: this is a very actionable thing to do to flesh out our monthly newsletter. Can we schedule a time to get on a Zoom call and get some questions.
        • David has offered to reach out, just needs some questions to ask!
        • James and David will coordinate on this.
        • Also James and Sarah will coordinate to get something in June
      • Renting our space to hold private workshops
      • Use AHA for exhibitions: showcase art that is made with tools in the space, or partner with artists/musicians/etc. to showcase their work.
      • Run events that encourage people to return at a later date, e.g. longer-term projects, a need to wait for things to cure, etc.. Encourages repeat visits and boosts foot traffic.
        • James: this is also pretty actionable. For example a resin molding class that gets people back in to pick up the results.
  • Membership:
    • 2023 AHA Elections update - James K.
      • James had prior commitments to the meeting and is not present; but hopefully he can fill us in on when this might happen.
    • Refreshing our Member tracking spreadsheet in lieu of available fancier options - Nate Y.
      • This spreadsheet can supplement the financial data (Quickbooks) to cover other small details such as have they been oriented, signed waiver; or if they are a volunteer, etc..
      • Nate will spearhead the spreadsheets with the help of James.
      • Come up with a wish list of features for this system
  • Outreach:
    • Upcoming outreach opportunities:
      • Art Fair - July 20th-22nd
        • Need to start a volunteer signup sheet this month. Nate Y. will get it done.
      • Artisan Market - Any Saturday 11am-4pm -> Punting to July to plan for a Fall-time booth
      • Cahoots happy hour - We think these are basically second Thursdays @ 4-6pm.
  • Education: