Minutes:14 Jan 2015 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Meeting attendees: Nick R., Anton L., Larry W., Zach S., Nate Y.
  • Meeting starts at: 19:00
  • Meeting ends at: 21:15

(45 min) Open For All!

  • Rants, Raves, Comments and Concerns - Bring it on!

Anton L. brings up the issue of member project tracking -- would like to set up a static site/markdown generator for members to use: jeckyll? Hyde? Ghost?

The workflow: go to website, "look at projects" link, where users have written up projects, hosted schematics/plans, etc.. Markdown to format text?

Board encourages Anton to set up something as a trial, he will get back to us on what he comes up with.

Old Business

  • Action Item Status

Reprimand done, private, board-only location created for any behavioral issues going forward.

  • Board Pledges Incomplete

Almost all new board pledges have been turned in.

Standing Committee Reports (Outlined in p. 3 of Standing Rules)

  • Note - Committee reports should include Action Item updates from last months Board meeting. (see temp folder)

(10 min) Financial - Zach S.

    • Current assets - $2772

Sold a bunch of stuff via Encore, made a decent amount from that.

    • Current debts - $0? (Tyler W. and Larry W. paid back for drinks/snacks from 2014)
    • AMF was notified of $900 outstanding membership dues. Rakesh has since paid $500 w/ promise of remaining $400 and establishment of monthly dues payments.
    • Cash was pulled from register on a regular basis this past month and deposited in TCF account.

Donations from double-paid memberships, other stuff from December helped create a good cushion of money this month.

Larry busted his butt and got more people on a monthly payment plan, which means more reliable income on a monthly basis.

Classes brought in quite a lot of money (Nate Y. is surprised!). Encouraging development -- we need to run more classes.

Need to file taxes!


  • Membership Report (Larry W.) - Members List kept updated daily with Thank You's mailed for every dues and donation.
  • January 14th - 40 Total (35 are paying, 6 more than last month)
  • Still need to recruit more members and budget dues collected for the remainder of the year.
  • Household Memberships - Needs to be implemented. (forms, website, PayPal Button)

Larry surmises that the biggest change is to educate staff on how to process family membership.

  • Membership Process needs to be updated in the Wiki from LW Draft

(20 min) Governance - Ken

  • Review report posted in Temporary Folder (I can dream can't I?)

No news for elections.

Has salesforce news: Salesforce foundation will give us grants for volunteers hours worked for AHA. Nate again offers help to get membership tracking running in Salesforce -- need to get that sandboxed and then promoted into use for Larry to use on a monthly basis.

Nate needs a list of items to work on, then will do them. Need to do some project management!

(10 min)Facilities - Nick

  • Review report posted in Temporary Folder (I can dream can't I?)

Laser Ventilation installed - running much quieter now.

Insulation filled in around hole where vent goes through, but need to fill it in better.

Exit sign needs replacing.

Leaky Taste Kitchen drain fixed! Leaky toilet in the former women's bathroom fixed! New Leak in big bathroom ceiling. Requested urinal valve be replaced. Gerald Coggins notified.

(10 min) Staff - Jon

  • Review report posted in Temporary Folder (I can dream can't I?)

Gareth Fox is trained. New Staff Google Group Created. Member List posted for Staff by Front Desk. Still need to schedule staff training.

(10 min) Fundraising - Larry

  • Review report posted in Temporary Folder

Soldering Equipment Purchased. Still need to purchase soldering badges (or make our own contraptions)

Larry will be working on Case for Support for grants.

Larry will get in touch with Ann Arbor Community Foundation to determine what professional fund-raising services they could provide and at what cost.

(15 min) Outreach

CLASSES - not getting done


  • North Quad Makerfest in Dec. went well.
  • Cryptoparty quite successful. Tentative repeat on 2/14/2015 (note: event photos a privacy issue)


  • Next GSD (Wiki Party????) - Alec McBean wants to help along with Nate and Tyler
  • Jan. 17th - MLK Weekend - UMSI Volunteers are coming!!! [UMSI Service Day, MLK Weekend,]link title Jan. 17th 2 shifts planned (9am-11:45am, and 1:15pm until 4pm)
  • March 24-26 - Penguicon (who's going?)
  • March 24-29 - Ann Arbor Film Fest - so far no Oculus Rift experimental videos. What to do?

Craig Albert to help?

  • June - Japan Club would like some CosPlayers
  • July - A2 Mini MakerFaire
  • July 25th & 26th

UMSI tasks: painting, drywall (holey wall), inventory valuable items for insurance, update brochures?


  • UMSI Proposal - Sylvia Lindtner proposal still TBD (she was traveling in China last month).
  • Community HS - First Robotics Team (decided primary worksite is elsewhere but may do some fabricating...tbd)

CHS FIRST team won't be working here primarily -- not much room here to do it.

  • We are looking to be available as a CHS Community Resource for CHS students to work on their projects here.
  • AADL - Makerspace Coming in 2015 (will offer basic start-up classes ie. soldering)

New Business


  • FIRST Robotics - CHS

Not happening (see above)

  • BioTech Team - External Heart Monitor (proposes a single membership for 6 people)

Board would like to see a little more for 6 memberships - $150ish maybe?

  • Another? BioTech Team? - Coming on Thursday during Build Night to check us out

From Barry B.... No details yet. (updated on 1/16/15 - there are 6 teams of 5 members each. They are BioMedical Engineering Design Teams for BM 599 [1] to do prototyping of their assigned medical devices at AHA. Board will set membership rates for 1 semester.

  • Class Development from Peter Washabaugh

Robotic hand project, ~20 people? Feb, 28 - Apr. 4, Saturday mornings.


  • Getting cold calls to do 15 to 20 hours/week of service