Minutes:14 Jun 2017 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: Henry Marshall, Alex White, Brian Morse, Kim Burton, Larry Works, Augustine Benjamin
  • Meeting starts at: 19:05
  • Meeting ends at: 21:37

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Minutes Approval

  • May 2017 Board Minutes: Approved

Governance - Collective Ownership

Henry has cabinet keys that Larry cut. Who still needs them? Alex took his. Sarah still needs her keys to the space as well as to the cabinet. Nate needs a key to the cabinet.

Nate volunteered to add a contact directory to the website.

Keys to the Kingdom Alex sent a request for Nate (the admin) to share the file with Brian and Henry.

Education/Events - Henry Marshall

We are a sponsor at NHacks. Henry has previously received board permission (via email) to bring Arduinos to the event and award summer memberships to the winners. Larry points out a communication should be sent out to the list.

Do we want to bring a 3d printer to A2 Health Hacks? Alternatively we can let people know it is here. Who will man it or are we lifting the normal class-required rules? Henry will notify them of our (existing) upcoming class. If they choose to promote that to members, they would be welcome to come to our open hours (2-6). Brian may consider coming and volunteering for a few extra hours.

Mini maker faire

What went well: - Great volunteer turnout - We made somewhat fewer badges, but attendance in general was down. - Sign upstairs with arrow was helpful for alerting people of basement. - Kim's coworkers really enjoyed it. What could be improved: - Have ice on hand throughout the day - Better identify the soldering stations were by AHA (more signage). - Have kid friendly classes directly after the faire and invite families to it. - More practice ahead of time would be helpful (we had to discover heat sensitivity of LEDs). - We should offer membership coupons next time.

Larry will get in touch with his CPA friend Ken Shana about [paying teachers] post-tax-season. Still open

> Nate said he would get back to Katie from Brain Monkeys with all details of class. Henry Marshall will take this over after an introduction from Nate.

Dan Romanchek wants to teach a class on electronics. Tyler still wants to do a class and has volunteered to use the vacuum tubes. Tyler will send his contact information to Henry Marshall, who will

Classes Taught in the last month:

  • CNC
  • Planer

Larry is interested in running a soldering class.

Henry proposes we lower the cost for classes where you do not receive a machine qualification (read: arduino). Arduino classes are to lower to $15/$20 for members/public.

If you sign up for a new membership with recurring billing, get 50% off your first core class. All money from this goes to the instructor to ensure they don't get less money for their class.

Core classes are to be defined as: Arduino, CNC, 3d Printer, Vinyl Cutter, & Laser Cutter

Brian may run a workshop for electricals in July.

Unix time stamp celebration July 14th. Demure and Henry are interested in building a physical clock. Larry might be able to build a nixie clock for the last 10 hours. Larry might be able to get Mr Seven Inch. Larry says we can be BYOB. We will make this a member and invited admission. We will need to notify all people in the building of the performance. We will need to have a prep window.

Tech Trek Clean in preparation tomorrow. Larry is fluorescing rocks and nixie clocks. Donnie is working for deep field, but he will set up the small laser cutter to cut cards.

Augustine wants to know how to become a member of the google group. Henry will ask Tyler -- our best guess as to who knows.

Larry suggests we have a welome event explicitly for BYB. Larry has volunteered pizza.

Finances/Membership - Alex White

Have we received money for badges from the Mini Maker Faire? - No, Nate would like to meet with Alex in person to do this. Let's set up a time!

Membership changes for this month:

  • Standard: +1 (Annual Rate)
  • Reduced:
  • Volunteers: +4
  • Co-working:
  • Spark:
  • BYB: +9

Greg told Henry that we seemed to be underbilling for the interns. Alex will contact Greg in the next week.

We made: Expenses: $1900 (rent) + 45 (electric) + $0 (Internet -- Tyler was mis-billed and donated the fee) In Bank: $4080 + 900 Pending + Penguicon cash Emergency fund (in months): 2

Alex has updated everything else (hopefully!) to use our new credit card information.

Has cash from penguicon badges and the box been deposited in our accounts? Not yet


> State of DTE bill increase? Alex says it is all resolved.

Fundraising - Nate Yost

Greg's NIH grant was approved! Nate was in touch early on, but there hasn't been much information sharing yet -- Nate will reach out again. Larry is curious if that covers equipment to be installed down here.

Dan of the Rotary may be a potential grant giver.

Marketing/Outreach - Sarah Lynn

Followup re: street team: - Should we consider contacting the JayCees?

Followup re: silk screening with Dana

Larry, does your contact have interest in decorating graffiti alley? Larry is waiting to hear back, one of them is in Hawaii at the moment and the other is in town.

Has Sarah taken over the Facebook page? Brian thinks Sarah does have control of the facebook.

Do we have a twitter?

Google Adwords

Have any been added?

Marketing Email Updates

Florencia has moved on from BYB and won't be making more email blasts. Will Sarah take this responsibility over?

> Larry followup re: YpsiAlloy Still pending

> Larry followup re: Mark Maynard for Art coworking in Ypsi. Have you visited? Still pending

Operations/Volunteers - Brian Morse

Henry extended offer of space by lockers to one of the BYB interns. Henry volunteered to make a sign.

Henry was informed of a missing (bug?) net stored between the recycling bin and the pillar. Has anyone seen it? Larry pointed out the bug net from last year is on their table.

Good job on the lockers!

We agreed via email to switch to ACD as our ISP. Our 18 mo contract/trial rate at AT&T has expired, we can now switch ISPs without penalty. What is the state of the ISP change? Our signed information has been submitted. Our order is processed, and have moved from the sales to installation departments.

Who owns the local camera system project?

Volunteer Hours

- Volunteer hours are in a spreadsheet maintained by Brian. He will pass this information on to Tyler who will update the website.

- In the event we have more volunteers, are we interested in increasing hours? At what point do we have "enough" public hours? We agree we have a good number of open hours. Any more volunteers will be assigned to increase staffing during existing hours or to work on projects. Kim points out we could train people specifically to teach classes.

Kim wants to put together volunteer events. Promote them as a way to get your hours.

Kim and Henry will schedule a sorting party for the electronics.


Backyard Brains donated toner for the new printer. It now works. Henry will speak with Tyler about getting it networked.

What is the state of Tyler's refinishing of the cabinets for the craft room? Brian thinks he was hoping to bring them in tomorrow. Larry will volunteer to come in and help them set up Friday morning if this is the case.

> Fire Safety - Breaker box behind laser cutter is continually blocked. We need to maintain access to this. Henry will move the acrylic to the shelving unit outside the craft room.

> Brian will try to make a lighting layout and estimate the costs of installation. Found shock-rated LED fixtures at #35 per unit from a big box store. We would want 8 fixtures (2 by front dimmable; 6 in remainder different circuit), 2 dimmers ($20 a piece). There is additional conduit and wire. This is approximately $350-400 total cost. Henry will run this by Nate and Sarah. Brian will reach out to Stadium. We also would allocate an additional $100 for wall mounted electrical sockets.

- Working on the Pick & Place is more difficult when all the BYB interns are here. Henry's interest in a build party is increased. Can we pick a day? Kim and Henry will schedule this as a volunteer party. Nick and Donnie are making POV spinners, perhaps that could be promoted as part of the build party.

- The 3d printing computer is often in use for non 3d printing tasks during public hours. I've seen people turn away disappointed. Solutions? Henry will move Heron to the back of the space to make it easier to use when the space is busy. I will also print a "Priority Use for 3d Printing" sign.

- Cleaning Supplies Many of these things can be bought at Stadium. Henry will create a subsection of the wishlist for repeated purchases (paper towels etc)

- Drinks & Snacks We are in favor of reinstating the snack program.

- We will get Brian on a TCF Bank so he can get a credit card. He will coordinate with Alex.

- Larry wants to point out that Brian should be the POC for all business concerns.

- Chime for the front door Henry & Brian will make this as an Arduino project.

In progress

> Tyler will schedule a meeting with Nate to [upgrade the LDAP] sometime next week. We don't think that happened.

To Do


- Are we giving up on the SawZall? Seems to have gone missing completely. Nate recommends a cheap replacement from HFT. We agree that is a low priority. Larry and Brian have personal recipricating saws in the event one is needed.

- Has there been a backups on all machines to NAS? No

> [Did Tyler] Eliminate wireless from the current router and switch to logged Ubiquiti with 2 SSID for members and non-members? No

> [Has Bill Putt wired the] second patch panel to rack. No

> [Has the] Swap switch for 48 port [been purchased]. No


Looks like all batteries are gone, save those being currently used on the car.


  • Run ethernet drops

Same time as lighting

  • Add electric on wall

This is worth a $100 extra on the lighting budget.

  • Clean floor

We need a swiffer

  • Setup mold making equipment?? No
  • Mount projector.


Sarah wanted to change the colors of the new logo. Greg, not know this purchased vinyl in the new colors. Greg gave Henry permission to use BYB vinyl for any projects that enhance the space. Henry proposes we go ahead and use the existing color scheme in light of this. He volunteers to cut it.

Greg told Henry that Nate has the contact information of the new logo's designer. Greg is open to the possibility of paying for her to design more signage with a similar aesthetic. Henry will send her the copy Kim has been working up for our windows. Larry suggests we use the signpost thing.

> Nate wanted to mount a display [on the pole outside the space], how can we make this happen?

Storage policy

> Alex W. was to share a Storage / Clean Tabletop Policy on google drive. I don't have it. - Main tables get a sign that things can be moved - BYB gets the table by the lockers - The Purple Box under the TV is for "Lost & Found" - The Green Box under the TV is for "Fair Game" - Lost & Found is the green bin under the tv. It gets cleared every 3 months

- Is Jacob aware that after the Detroit Maker Faire he will need to find a new home or get a parking ticket for the car?