Minutes:14 NOV 2012 Board Meeting Agenda

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Welcome Aboard

Roles & Responsibilities of the Board

  1. Description from AHA bylaws: "The mission of the All Hands Active Board of Directors includes but is not limited to fundraising, grant writing, and maintenance of internal data, metrics, and other matters. The powers of the Board also include handling rent, liability insurance, event insurance, and legal culpability."
    1. Is anyone fundraising?
    2. Is anyone grant writing?
    3. Is anyone doing any metric fun? ie: Keeping track of how many people use the space, how many members we have, how long we keep a member for, how many classes we offer, whether that helps / hinders our income?
    4. Who is paying rent?
    5. Do we have all the insurance we need, and if not, who is making that happen?
    6. Are we legally sound, and if we don't know, who is handling that?

Monthly Financial Update

  1. Khevna rocks this out
    1. Is our situation improving?


  1. This needs a champion, ASAP.
    1. What we need to file, back file, future file, etc.
    2. This has previously been dependent on us having filed the 501c3 within 27 months of us incorporating (~Jan of 2010). That time has now passed.

State of Michigan Corp. Update

  1. Pres/Vice/Treas/Secre? Double check, who is what, what is needed, get updated ASAP


  1. Current Status: http://wiki.allhandsactive.com/501c3_Submission

Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Dana N., Michael G., Tom H., Nate Y., Wry C., Dan E., Josh W., John S.

Meeting starts: 19:26

D&O insurance status? Nate will work with Xander to figure out what's going on there.

What does our liability insurance cover? John needs to know this for tournaments.

We should scan liability forms so we have less paper! Shift/Jamie might be able to help do this over time.

Followup from last week's meeting:

  • Dana will have laptop/education grant done by T-day.
  • Tom/Michael G. are still working on the details for a hackathon.
  • Another 501c3 meeting will be held on 11/18 at 1:00PM. Participants should work on finding a lawyer before then.
  • Dana will continue to work on the press kit.
  • Nobody made it out to Electronic Lunch today, but we will continue to work on making regular appearances over time there. On the plus side, we had a few of the attendees show up for our last Arduino class.

Can we get shift person to do head counts on busy parts of the day to track usage? Let's start on Thursdays since they are busiest. Josh will meet with Taylor about doing this.

Who pays rent if we can't make it? Folks have stepped up to help this month, but this is not sustainable.

BYB Bill has volunteered to try selling stuff around the space on Ebay to raise some extra money.

Really, we need to get more businesses/established groups on board. Once we get our press kit, we will be able to do this efficiently.

Gaming income has stabilized a bit for September. Josh says September is historically a weird month, no real trend in income. Let's see how promotions from Dana/John will work out for the coming months.

Can we get Michael S. to work on laser cut thank you cards for awesome donors?

Finances looking a little better, but we still need to either get about 20 more members, or get donations, or run more events, etc. to survive long-term.

John is shooting for two gaming events per month. Would like to have more space! More space would be awesome since large classes also run out of room. Nate Y. wants to mount our projector on the ceiling to make another workspace on the tables.

Government is probably going to come knocking regarding taxes we haven't done. We must get 501c3 rolling, but it probably won't be ready before this happens. So we will need to hire an accountant or someone competent to help us pay back taxes.

Michael G. will ask his mom if she can help with our accounting stuff. We are willing to make her cookies!

We have successfully filled out the State of Michigan 2012 Nonprofit Corporation Information!

Josh is starting work (since we can't pay him :( ). He wants to identify parts of his job that can shift off to someone else, and which ones are very specific to what he is good at and can fit in his new routine. Nate Y. suggests focusing on anything related to organizing/coordinating help and the daily shop records since that's where nobody else really knows what to do. We should also have a backup plan for this very important duty.

Dana wants to have a monthly review of free members to make sure their duties are being met. Josh and Nate will work together to organize such a meeting. Tentatively set for Sunday, Dec. 2nd.

Meeting adjourned at 21:15.