Minutes:14 OCT 2020 Members Meeting Agenda

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  • Announcements/new business - 5m
  • Election stuff - 10m - Nate
  • Outreach - 10m - Nate
  • Volunteering - 5m - James
  • Financials/member roster - Joe


  • Elections: still need two people in theory, although probably just one. Directors are really not running the organization, mostly just voting on important (e.g. legal) issues. Nate expects there will be another confidence vote scenario due to a small nominee pool -- will be organizing the election like the last one, having found no easier solution yet.
  • Outreach:
    • David reached out to i3 friend, who is not as involved anymore, will try to get us in contact with someone there for hackerspace cross-pollination stuff
    • Alex G. and David discussed ideas around running a class on robotic companions or music stuff
    • Speaking of music, James suggests reaching out to North Coast for post-election activities
  • Volunteers:
    • James is working to find another 32 hours or so to give to our volunteer, is looking for other ideas to pass on.
    • Joe thinks that he can help do some on-boarding to get classes posted and such; will reach out.
  • Bylaws:
    • Term limits might need to be extended, especially due to proposed "diminished roles" of the Board.
    • James feels it could be limiting to require Directors to be active members, thinks it would be wiser to open this up to the greater community if possible, to give more opportunities for attracting outside help.
    • Nate has reservations about giving a lot of power to folks who may not have as much "skin in the game". How do we vet folks?
    • James recommends trying to start with a group of potential Directors we can trust, and going from there.
    • Bylaws will likely need to be revised significantly since they have not been looked at in years. Nate suggests running it by someone who Really Knows Bylaws (maybe NEW, since we've worked with them previously). Joe suggests bringing up the concept in our Nation of Makers call.
    • James will read over bylaws and call out sections that might be outdated or incongruous with how the organization is running currently.