Minutes:15 May 2014 Board Meeting Agenda

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  • Meeting attendees: Josh W., Tyler W., Zach S., Ken L., Larry W., Nate Y., Dana N.
  • Meeting starts at: 1910 15 May 2014
  • Meeting ends at: 2112

(15 min) Open For All!

Expecting AMF Nano and Verses Media to introduce themselves.

  1. http://www.amfnano.com/Default.aspx
  2. https://www.facebook.com/VersesMediaLLC
  3. AroundCampusGroup - http://www.aroundcampusgroup.com distributes student planners with listings of businesses, $300 to list AHA in the planner.

(15 min) Realign Board Roles - Board

Martin Sager is resigning. Thanks for your help, Martin!

Tyler is on his way out from last term. Thanks for your help, Tyler!

Enter motion to accept Nate Yost as replacement for Martin (remaining 6 mo). -- Motion accepted unanimously (with 4 board members present).

Officially seat new Board

(Nate Y. will add Ken to the Board document drafts)

Enter last term AHA Activities done well into the record - Larry

Board Roles last term

  • Dana Nelson - Assist w/ Fundraising, Noob Kits
  • Larry Works - Fundraising Committee Chair, Membership Improvement
  • Martin Sager - Events Coordinator
  • Nate Yost - Governance
  • Tyler Worman - Operations (maintain machines, refill fridge)

Standing Committee Chairs

  • Financial - Zach S./Emilio T.?
  • Events Coordinator - Larry W./Josh W.
  • Governance - Nate Y.
  • Fundraising - Larry W.
  • Operation - Nate Y.

No Executive Director this time around -- we all should be helping with this task.

(Dale Grover has offered to help us out with tool replacement.)

Decide IF we wish to identify an AHA Executive Director as outlined in the Bylaws (If yes, 4/5 Board members must agree per Byalws).

Standing Committee Reports (Outlined in p. 3 of Standing Rules)

(15 min) Financial - Josh Williams

Josh reporting out in the absence of Board Chair or Treasurer.

$2K in bank, but $1K is from Penguicon, might go to Krunal? Need to have a deadline for decision on how much is owed.

Dana sold $125 worth of buttons to BYB/Zach W.

  • Review AHA Financial Status (sent out in advance)
  • Update Board with May member status (sent out in advance)

(15 min) Governance - Previously Nate Yost

IF Nate is present, he will report out current status (sent out in advance):

Nate says there's not much to report. Elections happened smoothly -- we had a good potluck.

Facilities Status Update - Josh (reports to Governance Chair)

Staff Update - Josh (2 things: a) are all shifts covered?, b) do we have a holiday calendar?)

Diffusing/Replacing a Josh! - Josh

Starting on the 21st of June, Josh will be only be doing 5 hours per week of work at AHA. We need to identify other people to help fill in the vacuum left by Josh's massive awesomeness. Lots of things need to be decentralized among the board/staff/

Need to get account information from Josh. Nate Y. will help coordinate.

(15 min) Fundraising - Larry

Summarize Fund-raising report for May (sent out in advance)

Larry will check with NEW about retroactive 501c3 status, tax deductions since 501c3 process is probably taking a lot longer.

(15 min) Event Status - Martin

Review results of recent past events AHA participated in.

Review Upcoming events AHA is participating in (see April Minutes)

(15 min) Old Goals - Review 6 Months Goals set out last October by Josh

Some things we did, some we didn't. Some we saw coming, some snuck up on us.

(Larry passes out the "Next 6 Months - Thought Starters" sheet with goals on it.)

Status of 501(c)3 application.

Larry reports that after talking to the Jackson Maker group at A2MMF, 501c3 time-to-approval is possibly up over a year now.

(45 min) New Goals - Create the next 6 Months Goals - Board

How can we create a sustainable financial model to meet the vision of AHA of being Ann Arbor's Friendliest Hackerspace?

How can we grow the membership?

How can we put the fun back into AHA?

How can we restart the educational revenue stream?