Minutes:16 NOV 2021 Fundraising Planning

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Attendees: Nate Y., Mike Z., Joe D., James K., Andrew C.

  • Move matching deadline to Dec. 15
  • Generate list of individuals who are possible matching donors in doc (Nate)
    • Add James, Mike, Andrew, Joe, Nate, David
  • Action items/goals for year-end fundraiser:
    • Getting people locked in as members as rates will increase Jan. 1 (James)
    • Reaching out to a few companies asking them to support us (everyone)
    • Talking to regular donors to come up with a matching fund (everyone)
    • Publicity to get the fundraiser out to folks who will contribute the $5/10/50 (David primary for Twitter; FB/IG everyone else?)
      • Come up with interesting/random social media content for December... and beyond? E.g. identify this widget, footage of CNC/3D printers/etc..
  • Some kind of event to pair with the fundraiser (Nate & Joe)