Minutes:18 APR 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

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  1. Financial Update
  2. Board nominees, election stuff
  3. Articles of Incorporation Amendments - Approved, needs signing & submitting.
  4. Selling the Ops name?
  5. Donations, need to thank Donors.
  6. 501c3 Status
  7. Grant data from Dana

Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Josh W., Dana N., Michael G., Tom H., Nate Y. Meeting starts at 20:30

Finances are barely holding still. We need more members, more fundraising.

Five nominees currently, so they will become the next board at midnight unless someone else decides to nominate themselves.

Articles of Incorporation amendment approved and signed by Dana. Josh will get those submitted ASAP.

Selling Digital Ops name:


  • We get $500-$1000.
  • We can get some quick money for something we don't use anyhow.


  • We probably have a lot more than $1000 of business data.
  • We lose control of all the names, social media, logo, etc..

We feel it's worth it to try and get some money for it.

501c3 is waiting on Ed to review the amendments.

Dana will compile grant data when she gets home tonight and put on the Wiki.

Thank you's for donors!

Nate Y. will write the language, Taylor is taking pictures of the PCs, Dana N. will handwrite the cards.

Most board members have reviewed the Who What Where document and added a few thoughts. Tom will also take a look and let us know what he thinks.

Board meeting ends at 21:36.