Minutes:19 JUN 2013 Board Meeting Agenda

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  1. (2 min) Find & Vote in a new Treasurer! - All
  2. (5 min) Mini Maker Faire Report - Josh/Khevna
  3. (10 min) Financial Numbers - Khevna S.
  4. (5 min) Membership Numbers - Josh W. (Jamie's out of town)
  5. (5 min) Status of Grants (Awesome!) - Dana N.
  6. (10 min) Status of 501c3 - Josh W.
  7. (5 min) Detroit Maker Faire - Josh W.
  8. (2 min) Rift Fundraiser - Josh W.
  9. (? min) Previous Action Items from last Board - All
  10. (2 min) Why AHA is worth supporting! - Josh W.
  11. (5 min) Art Fair - Khevna S.
  12. Gaming vs. Making on the computers/cost - Dana N.

Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Alex H., Zach W., Josh W., Nate Y., Dana N., Khevna S.

Meeting starts at: 19:30

All are in favor of Andrew taking over treasurer duties.

Treasurer Duties as emailed to Andrew Segavac

On and off, the basic job duties involve:
 - Making sure taxes are being filed
 - Communication with an accountant 
 - Communication with IRS should the need arise
 - Working with you and the board to make sure monthly reports are available to all
 - Working with you and the board to put together some long term budgets (unknown eta)
 - Working with the 501c3 to make sure all data in there is entered

Ideally, it would be great if the treasurer could take care of some other weekly items, ie:
 - Doing deposits
 - Making sure bills get paid
 - Assisting you where possible

Mini Maker Faire: 150 or so solder kits, over 30 crossbows, plethora of perlers (50?), 130 3d scans, 108 giving emails. 50 or so tri-fold brochures were quickly expended -- we need at least twice as many next time; ideally 3x or 4x.

Finances: Gaming time down, BGE loan 50% paid, about $600 less in the bank this month. Rift event will hopefully bring in some more money.

Membership numbers: Around 43 paying members.

Grant update: Dana wrote two successful grants! One is for n00b kits for new people to put together when they first come to AHA. We haven't decided on what these kits are, but the grant is worded in a relatively open-ended fashion. We will have a suggested donation for these kits, but we can't actually charge for them. The other is for the Arduino summer camp. It's going toward kids who are genuinely interested in learning about the Arduino, but are not able to pay for it.

501c3: Still in a holding pattern, for the most part. In a few weeks, we will contact the IRS about the next steps.

Detroit Maker Faire: We are racing in the PPPRS, planning on some Oculus Rift/3D scanning at the Faire (3d scanning photo booth!)

Rift fundraiser: We need more promotion! We will be charging a fee to try out the Rift to raise money for AHA.

Previous action items:

  • Josh has yet to distill his duties down!
  • Zach has catalogued about half of the Macbooks!
  • Dana got us grant data
  • Mythlogic is paying for the brand now
  • Still waiting on 501c3
  • Nate has thank you stuff done, will share with Zach

Why AHA is worth supporting: We've got great responses on the gaming camp! Ben S.'s mother wrote a glowing review of her perspective of how AHA helps her son and the community. We should consider sponsoring a high-school student to learn the ropes operating a non-profit.

Art Fair: Laser-cut custom schwag for donations. Advertise classes downstairs, casual walk-in-like on Saturday? Tie-in with n00b kits? Something big and silly to attract attention!

Gaming and Making on the PCs: Gamers are feeling like they are slighted because you can do making stuff for free. To make things more fair, Dana proposes you log in through SmartLaunch and pay for everything you do, or nobody pays for time for anything, or we have free access only during non-public hours. We will discuss the issue in depth over the coming weeks.

Dana has had some issues with PC-based summer camps and people taking over the PCs, or disrupting the class. She is going to send out a message ahead of time (mailing list?) letting people know that the PCs will be in use during the class. Also, she will put "reserved" signs on all the computers that she will be using.

Action Items:

  • Nate will add Andrew to ahashop_directors list.
  • Josh will price out fliers/brochures.
  • Dana/Josh will write email about scholarships for Arduino camp.
  • Nate will get in touch with Krunal about solder kits! Could be used for n00b kits.
  • All board members: find at least three volunteers for Maker Faire. Tell them, they will get in for free.
  • All board members: promote the Rift event! Josh will help Dana get some fliers made, Dana will distribute them downtown.
  • All board members: check the previous action items to see what needs to be done still.
  • Dana will put together a rudimentary plan for sponsoring a high-school intern.
  • Nate will set up a meeting about Art Fair for next week.
  • All board members: think of a solution to the gamers/makers PC problem. Post your thoughts on the director list.

Meeting ends at: 21:05