Minutes:21 Feb 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

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AHA Mission Statement
We seek to establish, build, and support a collective of individuals organized around the principles of community-driven education in the arts and sciences, and to ensure ready access to the tools needed to pursue the realization of those principles.

  • Meeting attendees: demure, Kim, Brian, Nate, Madeline, Mike G. (after their class)
  • Meeting starts at: 1900
  • Meeting ends at: ~2200

Board Meeting Protocol

* Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.

* Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. IF the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.
  • we still need to move cameras to camera network (demure)
  • we are going to removed the old aha wifi network (demure)
  • dine to donate happening
  • madeline has a thing that could generate revenue
    • if get 20 people through out year at place's running/etc events... will get emailed more.

Minutes Approval

  • Yes, we approve.

Governance - Nate

  • Elections are coming up.
    • Three positions are up.
    • announcing at potluck.
    • Bios requested.
  • short term, card/sticker for proving laser qaul
  • long term pi+monitor that scans nfc cards and prints 24h + quals (demure)
  • issue with fraternity and laser.
  • suggested edit to quorum definition (kim)
    • If person unfilled/abstaining, use blank vote as with the majority.
    • need to type out and propose formally. (kim)
  • lets have each positioning have a google drive folder shared (demure)

Education/Events - Kim

  • potluck! yay.
    • no food sign up sheet, oh well.
    • slide show
  • fullmoon (part of festifools) april 1st (kim)
    • we should have a workshop
      • need to advertise it
    • madeline brings up the scrap box
  • pcon (nate + nick?)
    • help assemble kits at con
    • soldering
  • factory 2 collective maker meeting (kim handling)
    • road trip!
  • tandy leather class - masks (kim)
  • big brothers/sisters (henry)
  • need more core classes
    • nate willing to do another laser
    • need a 3d printer class
      • plate broken and sharp on side
  • we will write up agreement for mary at flipside
    • demure will email draft to board. (demure)
  • Discuss the classroom fees again? Notes from Signal conversation: we've had some edge cases, so should we bother making this policy more defined? Or just keep with a case-by-case evaluation? We shouldn't push options that won't be fair to prospective educators w.r.t. to fair use of our space vs. compensation. Currently it's $60 for four hours of classroom rental for non-members, and there is no fee for members. Ideally we should structure all discounts around folks who are running "non-profity" classes (incl. members). Everything should be subject to case-by-case review.

Finances - Brian

  • Jan reports [add link here] (brian)
  • zero is roadblocked.
    • this needs greg's help
  • need to do taxes
    • we will use bank statements
  • we may forget zero and spin up a new system

Fundraising - Henry(+Others?)

  • Henry is out of town.
  • pcon may be willing to help us with board costs
  • we are trying to have more classes
  • we are trying to have more events
    • easter egg bot??
  • we need to figure out catalyst money to do future events? (kim)
  • madeline brings up VR demo day.

Marketing/Outreach (Madeline officer)

  • Board votes to make madeline an officer
  • we will look at having a social media agitator service (demure)
  • dine to donate
  • pinball pete
  • lumanary
  • pcon
  • makerfairs!
  • floatfest
  • artfairs

Operations - Nate

  • rackspace is for the blog and wiki
  • we will research alternative options for website (demure)
  • ldap does let users reset
    • user will have to do it from aha's internal wifi though.
    • Untill port 5001 is open? (tyler)
  • nate and nick will troubleshoot laser this weekend
  • get mageline's account set up.
  • we will look at enforcing payment rates
    • we will consider getting a permanently mounted table to pay
    • we will get a laser pay sign in big font
  • still need to do outside door
  • class room lights
    • will ask tyler about his hammer drill (brian)

Membership/volunteering demure

  • revoked a bunch of old 24h access with no payments recorded
    • one or two people are in good standing with no correlated LDAP account
      • Demure has reached out to said individuals
  • starting to make standard operating procedure (SOP) docs.
  • note: edit membership sign up form to reflect current requires. (demure)
  • will reach out to two members not listed in ldap (demure) @done
  • will reach out to new member (demure) @done
  • demure and kim working on on-boarding doc.
    • will submit to board for review when done
    • will then submit to others
  • working on standard operating procedures (SOP)
    • links to other docs to make jumping around easy
    • demure will sit down with others, and turn their actions into docs
  • will sit down with volunteers and clarify volunteers expectations.
  • we will look at adding a slack (demure+kim) @done

To Do