Minutes:21 Nov 2017 Financial Meeting Notes

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  • Meeting attendees: Alex W., Henry Marshall, Brian Morse, Kim Burton, Demure, Nate Y.
  • Meeting starts at: 18:20
  • Meeting ends at:

Alex points out that everyone new who needs to be on the TCF account has to be there with him in person.

Kim and Henry point out that having a detailed, itemized list of expenses is very important to answer questions about how we spend money. This is the sort of thing we are looking to have in the transition document, which Alex is still working on, and will be able to finish over the holiday weekend.

Only a small part of the total utilities is paid directly to DTE, the rest is paid to the landlord. TODO: find a way to consolidate those?

Lots of ways to take money, Henry brings up the idea to limit these a bit more.

Alex suggests splitting up Finances and Membership because each takes a lot of work on its own.

Xero is kind of a mystery, we don't know how it's being used currently, or if it's worth keeping. Alex has not been able to keep it updated in the last few months.

We are planning on getting an inventory on what financial tools are out there and

New Board roles assigned, tentatively:

  • Fundraising - Henry
  • Finances - Brian
  • Marketing - Henry/Others
  • Membership/Volunteers - Demure
  • Operations - Nate
  • Education/Events - Kim

The Board decides to use a password manager going forward. An event to update/store all the passwords has been planned.

Mid-December will be a "holiday wishlist day" where people are encouraged bring in supplies for AHA, have a potluck. Also interested in working with food bank to collect food items.

There is interest in sending out a "State of the Space" email to members at the beginning of the year.