Minutes:22 MAR 2023 Financial Planning

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Meeting begins: 2006

Meeting ends: 2130

Meeting attendees: Nate Y., Joe D., James K., Sarah B.

  • Quickbooks progress
    • About 2-3 hours of training to get James and Nate up to speed on Quickbooks
    • Joe explains how to categorize and confirm expenses in Quickbooks.
    • We're going to re-convene to discuss the remainder of the new accounting practices on 3/27 @ 7pm.
  • Budget notes:
    • As per above, we're in the process of creating reports for expenses to get a good handle on how much money we're spending on extras.
  • Action items:
    • Add donation button for 3d printer filament? - Nate will implement the buttons
    • Add a new budget bucket: $150/quarter for outreach-related stuff (will be added with the categories work)
    • Ensure there is a conversation going on whenever someone is making a purchase (with the expectation of reimbursement) on behalf of the space.
    • James to formalize the general signage needs
    • Future SEO/Adwords discussion: what are requirements for non-profit adwords? Come up with a campaign that can meet those requirements. James will reach out to some of his savvy connections on this subject, but also more general planning needed by the group. James will schedule a targeted meeting within the next few months.
  • Separate/out of scope from this meeting, but good topics to discuss later:
    • Ideas on how to spend our $25k loan (ongoing)
      • Some ideas from this meeting:
        • Hiring Adwords/SEO help (e.g. $500)?
        • Setting a solid budget to get signage stuff done (e.g. $250)?
          • General signage plans still needed