Minutes:24 APR 2019 Board Meeting Agenda

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- Meeting attendees: Mike, Nate, James, Corey, Jacob, Demure, Mitchell, Dustin, Laria, Josh

- Meeting started at: 19:14

- Meeting ended at: 21:31

Board Meeting Protocol

  • Standing Committee Reports - Individual Updates by Assigned Director/Officer presented in the time allotted.
  • Officer Reports - as needed
  • Open Time: For anyone to bring anything up to the Board. If the Board agrees the item requires action, it will be put into New Business and addressed at the end of the meeting.

(15m) Open For All

  • All Are Worthy. All Are Welcome.

Governance - Nate

  • Upcoming (late) Election

Finance - Mike

  • We're now using/paying for Freshbooks.
  • We're still considering a tax extension.
  • Alerts are setup but seem to be kind of broken.
  • January, Feburary, March Financials
    • Mike - will post these in the next couple of days

Prior Updates

  • James Status on expense policy: delayed.
  • James Status on class cost policy: delayed.

Fundraising - Laria

(as VP, Laria is filling in for Sarah in the interim)

Officer Status Reports

  • President (Nate) -
  • Vice President (Laria) -
  • Secretary (James) -
  • Treasurer (Mike) -
  • Shop Manager (Laria) -
  • Sysop (Nate) -

Ad Hoc Committees

Safety Committee

Camera Committee

  • Delayed until further notice.

Real-time Communication Investigative Committee

  • Nate/James status - still delayed, James will decide on chat product (Olark maybe?) and Nate will install.

Previous Action Items

  • James status of updates to harassment policy regarding hate speech: delayed.
  • James status of card creation process: delayed.
  • James put the nest renewal date in the calendar: delayed.
  • James Send out links to the harassment policy: Nate did this.
  • Mike Can we decorate/paint the pillar outside of our suite if we return it to neutral - ask oxford.
  • James Calculate the cost of the annex to the space: delayed.
  • James figure out which membership forms are missing: waiting on Mike to create a current list of members: delayed.

General Agenda Items

  • Penguicon - May 3-5 - volunteers needed
  • AACME - May 19th - volunteers needed
  • Tech Trek - June 7th - volunteers needed
    • We'll want to clean the space
    • We'll want fliers
    • We'll want water available
    • Make sure the loud noise room is shut down, and Nostrum room is off limits for tour
    • Make sure the counter person knows that anyone can come in - they don't need a wrist band
  • BYB moving out - leaving in a month or two, they are leaving the laser cutter (thanks!)
  • A2 Observer Listing - we'll make any necessary updates
  • Tech and Art show - June 21st - Ann Arbor art center, not committed yet
  • Painting/Cleaning/Wiki Maintenance parties - we'll plan some
  • Reinstating Public Hours - we need to shuffle the schedule so no one is volunteering alone.
  • Discussion about the banning of Craig Williamson
    • After much conversation, the people in this room believe that there was sufficient evidence to ban Craig and that the ban should stand.
    • Lessons learned:
      • We need to improve the reporting process. We aren't good at dealing with harassment and we need to get better. The conversation is far from over.
      • We need to fix issues that exist in the anti-harassment policy and the bylaws, specifically regarding the quorum language.
      • The board will send out an email trying to clarify some of the confusing parts of the situation.

Action Items

See above.