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New Members Welcome to The Shop Intro Email!

  • This page contains a general document for emailing new members. Please get this out within 24 hours of signing up a new member.
  • Please note the three different membership levels listed. Though the changes are slight, it's very important you use the right one!

24/7 Access Member

Hi <insert new member name>,

Thank you for becoming a member of All Hands Active!

You have made a commitment to help sustain a unique and beneficial place in the local community. This organization would not exist without the support of members like you. Along with membership come some Member Responsibilities. They shouldn’t be too much trouble, but everyone’s positive experience depends on you.

Every membership comes with an expectation of volunteering at AHA. As a <TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP> member you should do <NUMBER OF HOURS FOR THAT MEMBERSHIP TYPE> hours of volunteering each month. <EXAMPLE FOR VOLUNTEERS/REDUCED RATE: If you are comfortable with it, hosting public hours is a great way to get started. You will be partnered with someone who is an experienced AHA member, and you will have the chance to meet some people, and get to know the space.> <...OR FOR STANDARD MEMBERS: Please get in touch with someone on our Matrix Chat server, and we'll find something for you to get started on: , and join the #Volunteering channel.>

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of your membership, click below to explore just a few of them:

  • Build: We provide access to some amazing tools -- come on down and make something!
  • Learn: It's impossible to know everything, but we can help get you a little closer.
  • Socialize: During COVID restrictions, most socializing occurs on our chat server using the Matrix protocol. Socializing is actually the heart of AHA. We are, above all, a community. Find out more at Finally, we are holding a limited number of public hours, monthly gatherings, and other events, which will also provide opportunities to meet amazing people in person, if you are comfortable with it!

Questions? You can find many answers about AHA on the chat server or on our wiki at You can also easily create an account and contribute to the pool of information there!

Remember, if you are the last member to leave the space, please complete the lock-up process you were shown at orientation to ensure we are safe and secure.

If you have any questions about your membership or the space, contact the Board of Directors at

Thank you!

~Dream it. Build it. Teach it.~

24/7 Access Members | Notify Group

Hello existing members of All Hands Active,

Please welcome member name, he/she has just become a 24/7 Access Member of All Hands Active! They have an interest in insert reason why they became a member, say hello if you see them around!