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AHA was formed in July 2009 in a series of make and tell meetings. It became a hackerspace in September of 2009 when Josh Williams of Digital Ops offered it a corner, and gained the name of All Hands Active a few months later. AHA was formally incorporated by Amanda Sari Perez, Bilal Ghalib, Josh Williams, and Alexander Honkala in January 2010.


In the spring of 2012, AHA began to work on its own 501(c)3 application with the intention of filing for federal nonprofit status. In July of 2014, AHA was notified by the IRS that we are now a 501(c)3 under the US tax code.

AHA's Growth

  • AHA1.0 = 9.09 to 4.10 = 120sqft, anarchic, no dues, no big tools
  • AHA2.0 = 4.10 to 6.11 = 190sqft, bylaws implemented, electronics toolset consolidated
  • AHA3.0 = 6.11 to 1.12 = 850sqft, organization maturing, 3D printers, laser cutter, bigger electronics bench, power tools, CNC acquired
  • AHA4.0 = 1.12 to 4.16 = 1700sqft, Digital Ops acquired, Laser Room built out, Dogfort constructed, summer camps established, general renovation and Backyard Brains grows cockroaches.
  • AHA5.0 = 4.16 to 11.16 = 1200 sqft, Moved to 255 E. Liberty Street below Afternoon Delight. Acquired sunlight, new chairs and a non-crumbling floor. Slightly fewer overhead leaks.
  • AHA6.0 = 11.16 to 1.17 = 1200 sqft, Acquired Annex space at All Hands Active to be used for co-working. Originally used as a classroom.
  • AHA7.0 = 1.17 to present = 1200 sqft, Acquired fitness store next door. Moved classroom to fitness space. Launched Co-Working space in Annex.

Membership Basics



The best parking spot is in the Library Lane parking garage. There are two entrances: one on 5th Avenue just across Liberty from AHA, and the other on Library Lane which can be accessed from Division Street. The pedestrian exit is on 5th Avenue half a block south of AHA.

Washington Parking Garage:

Address: W Washington St and 4th St Ann Arbor, MI 48104

  • Mon - Fri: $1.20/hr until 4 P.M. After 4 P.M. $3.00 to enter
  • Saturday: $3.00 to enter
  • Sunday: Free!

Library Lane Garage: Address: 319 S 5th Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

  • Mon - Sat: $1.20/hr
  • Sunday: Free!

Street Parking:

  • Mon - Sat: $1.50 an hour until 6 P.M. After 6 P.M Free!
  • Sunday: Free!