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This page lists the various roles, and the people associated with them. Click on the role to learn more about it.

See Current Board of Directors

Board Responsibilities

Please help fill out this list with any other things that the board needs to take care of on a (yearly/monthly/etc.) basis! Also feel free to move to a different section/new article if you think that makes more sense.

  • General duties as outlined by the bylaws - fundraising, grant writing, and maintenance of internal data, metrics, and other matters. The powers of the Board also include handling rent, liability insurance, event insurance, and legal culpability.
    • Fundraising:
    • Grant Writing:
    • Internal data / metrics (ie: Is membership increasing, how is class attendance, how many classes are we offering?:
    • Insurance: Gets paid quarterly automatically. ?? Are there any annual updates / renewal needs for this?
    • Rent gets paid monthly by Josh. It's manually walked over there atm.