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General Problems: July 9 2017

As of July 9 2017 the policy has changed, but we are still having the fo9llowing problems and they will be addressed as outlined below:

  • People don't put the space's stuff away
    • Make sure to have clear labels / sections for items
    • Commonly used / needed items should be easily seen and accessible, this will make it easier to put them away
  • People don't clean up
    • If the space is messy, it's harder to tell you've added to the mess. First and foremost: Make the space REALLY CLEAN.
    • Some people are just messy, gentle prodding goes a long way.
  • People don't put their projects away

Members have a locker Personal items stored in the space will be limited to the contents of one locker. If items are left out in the space they will be placed in the“Lost and Found” bin. If they are unclaimed after a reasonable period of time, they will be moved to the “Fair Game” bin.

Items part of active projects that are staged for use that do not fit in a locker or may be damaged by being moved frequently will be granted a “Parking Pass”. A valid parking pass must have at least: 1) the owner’s name, 2) an issue date, 3) an expected completion date, 4) the owner’s signature and 5) a board member’s signature. Should the items covered by the parking pass need to be moved without the owner present, consent to move the items must be obtained from the owner or a member of the board before the items are moved.

  • In general -
    • Non Members should not be leaving projects down here.
    • If a project must be left out, then a name, date, and contact information should be affixed to the project in some obvious fashion.
    • A project will require a "parking permit" after so many days it will be moved

[[1]] Board Meeting that discusses this

[[2]] AHA! Provisional Clean Table/Storage Policy Revision 2, July 9 2017