Vinyl Cutter

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We have a 4 ft wide vinyl cutter. You may use shop vinyl or bring your own. We do not provide transfer paper for the vinyl. The vinyl cutter is connected to a shop computer.

It requires the sentinel dual key usb dongle connected for the software to work. The software is FlexiCut 10 King Rabbit Edition. The software has a physical copy stored near the Vinyl cutter computer and a copy of the CD is available on the NAS.

1360K Model Specs:

  • Paper feed width: 1360mm (53.5 inch)
  • Max cutting width: 1250mm (49.2 inch)
  • Cutting force: 20-800g
  • Cutting speed: 25mm/s-800mm/s
  • Port: USB 2.0 port and RS232 port