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AHA's wish list is available in two places:

When purchasing items on the wish list, it is preferable to use the MyRegistry website since it helps us to better track and manage material donations.

The wish list is for items which are not needed immediately. For things that need to be bought within the next few months, use the budget request form. Budget requests will normally be evaluated at the next members meeting, but can be evaluated more quickly if needed.

How to: Add to the Wish List

There are two ways to add items to our wish list: use our Google Form (open access) or use the MyRegistry extension (restricted).

Using the Google Form

The Google Form is open to anyone who has the form's link.

  1. Navigate to the Google Form
  2. Fill out each question, and be sure to add plenty of detail. Try to add a link to the item in an online store if possible.
  3. Once you have submitted the form, make sure to hop on Element and post to our matrix server that you added a new item to the wish list!
    • If you are not yet on our matrix server, a volunteer will check the wish list and transfer items to MyRegistry roughly once a month.

Using the MyRegistry Browser Extension

Using the MyRegistry browser extension is restricted to members who have been granted access to the wish list login. Generally, this means Board members and volunteers who are involved in wish list management.

  1. Add the extension (Firefox, Chrome)
  2. Log in with the MyRegistry account
  3. Navigate to the website of the item to be added
  4. Click the MyRegistry extension icon and then "Add to MyRegistry"
    • You may see a popup blocker notice that says "Add to Registry! Add to registry may have been blocked by a pop-up blocker." with a button that says "Open Add to Registry." If so, click the button to open the MyRegistry popup.
  5. In the Add to Registry window, edit or add any details if needed, make sure to add a category, then click Add Gift
    • Amazon.com item titles tend to be very long and saturated with keywords, so it can be helpful for donors to edit the title to just the necessary information.
    • The Notes area is a good place to add additional info for donors. For example, "other brands welcome", or "other colors/designs welcome", etc.
  6. MyRegistry will confirm that the item has been added to the list. Click "Manage my gifts" to be taken to the MyRegistry website or "Continue Shopping" or simply close the window to return to the page you were on.


Some items are not suitable to add to AHA's wish list, mostly because they are new tools or shop needs which would improve the space and that should probably be funded via grants, fundraisers, or AHA's operations budget. Items like these should be requested using the Budget Request form. Requisitions that need to be purchased via grant money or the operations budget will be generally be discussed at the monthly members meeting, unless there is an urgent need (e.g., we're out of first aid supplies, or a tool breaks and needs immediate attention).

Needed Tools

In general, large, expensive tools should be requested through the Budget Request form. Smaller tools can be be requested through either the Budget Request form or the Wish List form.

Hand Tools
  • Metric Hex Keys (fold-up and hardened)
  • Mechanics socket set with case
  • Sheet metal brake
  • 5, 7, & 10" Vise-grips
Hand Power Tools
  • Variable-speed hand-drill—the one we have is on/off only.
  • Ideally also a cordless drill/driver and impact driver—there's a DeWALT Lithium battery floating around, but no drill AFAICT
  • Getting the Craftsman 14v drill we have working might be a start, though I wouldn't be surprised if the batteries are no-good-dead
Bench Power Tools
  • Air Compressor - Currently provided by Nostrum Energy
  • Band saw
  • Belt Sander
  • Disc Sander
Bits & Accessories
  • Large twist drills (>1/2")
  • Make sure there are no missing bits in the drill indexes
  • Step drills that are actually sharp (can we sharpen the one(s) we have?)
  • Forstner bits
  • Letter and number drill indexes—or, replacing the missing bits in the tap and die set would be a good start
  • 1080P projector (still needed? we have a 1440*900 unit)
  • Projector screen wall mount (in contrast to the floor unit?)
  • Electronics components spreadsheet (Need to update against current inventory)
  • Upgraded computer monitors
  • Flatbed art scanner
Crafting Tools
  • Embroidery Machine (previous wish lists suggested this Brother machine)
  • Knitting Machine (previous wish lists suggested the SK160)
  • Serger Machine


  • Flammables Cabinet
  • 8 Drafting/Tall Chairs @ $100 each = $800
  • 9 Steel wall mounted cabinets @ $175 each = $1575
    • 3 for craft area
    • 3 for loud noise room
    • 3 for classroom area
  • Tool rack for electronics area
  • Bar type stools for for laser cutter/loud noise room

Needed Consumables

Consumables are items that we often need. These can be (and may already be) on the wish list, but this list is maintained here for posterity (i.e., like a lil' grocery list, lol).

  • Duct Tape (rolls)
  • Masking tape
  • Paper Towels
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Shop rags
  • Sanitation bucket (reserved)
  • Plastic flatware
  • Paper towels
  • Printer Paper