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These are links to all the things we hoped to get for the new space.

Rolling cabinet [| Link] - $389 + 20% off coupon

Steel wall cabinets [| Link ]

Switches | Link]

If cash left:

Embroidery Machine


Knitting Machine

Tyler has used this one with great success: SK160

Might be best to get a punchcard or computer based one. The computer software is horrible though.

Upgraded computer hardware

Our computers received a refresh 2 years ago and are still in great shape. Our monitors were donated to us over the years and are in various states of disrepair. We'd like to replace the bad ones with larger higher resolution screens. This will enable easier use of our computers for CAD and design work. Our printing capabilities are presently limited by a temperamental laser printer. While we don't do much printing at AHA, we like to have the option available to our members when needed. In addition, many of our artists have requested a scanner specifically designed for high resolution art scans.

6 27" 2k monitors @ $200 = $1200

Color laser printer @ $300

Flatbed art scanner @ $300


Total: $1800