Improvement Days

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Improvement Days are whole- or partial-day events where the membership is encouraged to come to the space to help work on projects aimed at improving the space.

Deep Cleaning Days

The space should be deep-cleaned a 3 - 4 times a year. Deep cleaning includes:

  • Wipe down the walls (remove dust & cobwebs)
  • Clean the windows
    • Note: Ask Afternoon Delight for access to the outside of windows facing Liberty
  • Organize / de-clutter each zone:
    • Pick up / put away art supplies & tools
    • Throw away / recycle:
      • Broken tools equipment, electronics, and other supplies
      • Expired chemicals, food items, first aid kit supplies
  • Dust / wipe down surfaces
  • Sweep & Mop the floor
  • Clean out & wipe down fridges & coffee machines / other food-prep items
  • Take out trash & recycling

Breaking the space up into "zones" can help speed up the deep-cleaning process. Currently, the space has five zones:

  • Zone 1: The Classroom †
  • Zone 2: The Common Area †
  • Zone 3: The Electronics / 3D Printing Area
  • Zone 4: The Loud Noise Room

† Zones 1 & 2 are our most public-facing rooms and should be kept neat and looking professional. Make sure to clean up what you use before you leave!

Zones 3 & 4 contain tools and chemicals that are safety and fire hazards and should be cleaned often and carefully

Other Improvement Days

Special Events Cleaning Days

Sometimes we host events in the space that are geared toward recruiting new members or making connections with other local maker and creative organizations. Prior to those events, the space might host a special cleaning day so we're putting our best foot forward to our guests.

Miscellaneous Improvement Projects

The space might occasionally host days to complete projects aimed at making the space better equipped for DIY projects (e.g., bringing in new tools, making space for certain types of craft or maker projects, etc.) or making the space look or function better (e.g., painting days, inventory days, etc.).

Monthly Space Improvement Days

These tasks should be completed every month:

  • Empty Trash
  • Empty Recycling
  • Clean Fridge
  • Sweep
  • Vacuum dust in loud noise room